Ravenswood: A Pretty Little Liars spin-off

Alexa R.

Staff Writer

From Pretty Little Liars (PLL) executive producers Marlene King, Oliver Goldstick, and Joseph Dougherty comes a new show, Ravenswood, starting October 22nd on ABC Family. This show is a spin-off of PLL, starring one of the main PLL characters, Caleb Rivers (Tyler Blackburn) and four new characters: Nicole Anderson as Miranda, Britne Oldford as Remy, Brett Dier as Luke, and Merritt Patterson as Olivia. They are all brought together due to a curse on the town, Ravenswood. Each of the characters will look into the town’s enigmatic history to save themselves from the awful curse.

There are some new and old characters coming to Ravenswood. Caleb, a boyfriend to Hanna Marin of Rosewood from PLL, moves to Ravenswood in the first episode of the show and does not return to PLL. With a hard past life, he is similar to Miranda, who is a foster kid with a considerable amount of confidence. Remy plays the determined character who will not give up on the group’s quest to end the curse. Then there is Luke and Olivia, who play twins in the show. Luke plays a shy but loyal character. Olivia, still struggling with the murder of their dad, questions life although she was previously a carefree, happy teenager. In addition to Caleb, another character who sticks around from PLL is Mrs. Grunwald, the house mother to a sorority at a nearby college.

Executive producers of the show picked the character of Caleb to be the one to move onto the spin-off because the character knew little of his past. Since that was the case, they felt it would be easiest to make a story with his childhood and searching for secrets he may want to find out for himself in the new town of Ravenswood. Hearing this statement, junior Emma Lee said, “I completely agree that Caleb should’ve been the one. He has not had much said about him, and they could take the story in so many different directions.” Many people are looking forward to what is going to happen to Caleb’s character in this new show.

Other characters on the show come from many other hot TV programs. For example, Sophina Brown, who starred in NCIS, Bones, Law & Order, and Castle is in the show as Terry Beaumont. Then there is Justin Bruening, from Switched at Birth, another ABC Family hit, Grey’s Anatomy, CSI: NY, All My Children, and Castle, who will play Benjamin Price. These different stars seemed to have been picked for a reason; they both have knowledge of the mystery genre or of a family-oriented show. All the cast appears to be fully prepared to give the viewers another addicting show to get hooked on.

The love stories of PLL are one of the audience’s favorite aspects of the show. With love stories slowly developing and continuing throughout the show, viewers stay interested longer because they fall in love along with the characters. Sophomore Jane Roberts said, “Hannah and Caleb are my favorite couple, and I really hope there will be more relationships like theirs on this new show.” With that type of love expressed by the writers and directors of PLL, viewers can expect nothing less than more epic romance from Ravenswood.

Another aspect of Ravenswood viewers can expect is the value of family. ABC Family is a network specifically for families as its viewers, so they would need to show the significance of them in one’s life. Other networks have programs, like Jersey Shore or Real World, with kids or teens growing up in settings with no positive influence, which does not teach teens the importance of family. PLL is a perfect example of a true family show because no matter what each family went through, like when Hannah’s Mom went to jail, they stayed strong for one another and never fell apart.

Not only is PLL an intense show, just like Ravenswood appears to be, but it is entertaining as well. The girls all have their own personalities that work for them. If the show did not have light-hearted times, like the country dance in one of last season’s episodes, it most likely would not be as captivating. Ravenswood’s characters all seem to have their own unique personalities which make the viewer’s predict the same type of intriguing attitude on the show.

Overall, the show looks like it has the potential to become a huge hit, especially with PLL fans. The way ABC Family set up the series premiere of Ravenswood to be right after the Halloween episode of PLL on October 22nd will assist a great deal in getting people to start watching the new show. There are so many die-hard fans for Pretty Little Liars, and with the show coming to a slow end, these fans will thrive off of a new show to keep them connected with PLL in some way.

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