Woodstock Softball giving the fans something to cheer about

by Lauren N.

Staff Writer

The Lady Wolverines softball players have made a new name for themselves this year by handling all opponents and forms of adversity. The girls have stood strong and have had a very successful season. The ladies started off their year 8-0, their best record in years. Even though Woodstock has dropped a couple games, they are ranklauren softballed 3rd in their region and have a region record of 5-2.

The Lady Wolverines have two seniors this year who are leading the team and have hopes of making it to the state tournament and bringing the state championship title back to Woodstock. Both seniors, Caroline Nolen and Carolyn Edwards, had never beaten Etowah High School while playing for the school, until this year. They beat Etowah on August 20th, 1-0. First baseman Edwards hit the ball that let Nolen get to home plate. “Beating Etowah gave us a ton of confidence. After the game, we were hyped up. We were pumped, and playing in front of a large crowd was awesome. We went into the game with a fighting mentality, and we walked out with a win,” explained Nolen. “It felt good for me, and it felt good for my seniors,” added Head Coach Kortney Dempsey, following her first coaching victory over Etowah. “I’ve had both Caroline Nolen and Carolyn Edwards since they were eighth graders, and just the fact that they led this team to getting the base hits we needed to score our run, you can’t beat that. They deserved this.” Only having two seniors this year means that Edwards and Nolen, the captains, really have to lead by example, “The team we have this year has more heart than any other team I have played with at Woodstock, and it’s really great getting to lead this team,” said Edwards, who is very confident in the team’s chances on going to the state tournament this year.

Coach Dempsey, who has been coaching Woodstock softball for eight years, has done her best to guide the team and to improve the team’s chances of bring the state championship to Woodstock. “The girls have been playing as a team, playing for each other, practicing harder, and listening to the coaches,” said Coach Dempsey, who is very proud of her team this season and has a very good feeling about this post season.

The team as a whole has been contributing to the success with incredible hitting. They have been hitting ball after ball, racking up points for the Lady Wolverines. Edwards is one of the best hitters on the team with a batting average of .611. Hitting is not the only factor to success in softball; pitching is also a large aspect. Freshman Breanna Roper, starting pitcher, has been giving the team quality pitches. She had been striking out the opposition left and right and helping the Wolverines win up until a couple weeks ago when she suffered an injury. The team is using other pitchers in Roper’s place, and they are sure to rally even in her absence on the field. The girls are all hoping for a quick recovery from Roper and have their fingers crossed hoping for her to get healthy and recover before they head to the state tournament.

The Lady Wolverines are seeded number three in our region as of now and will play whatever team is seeded number two. Since they are already in a respectable position for the tournament, the girls are now focusing on staying healthy and practicing their best. The softball team is driven to be successful this year in wrapping up the season and in the state tournament. The team is full of talented, hardworking, and dedicated girls who all have the same goal: a state champion ring. The girls know that they will have to work extremely hard and push themselves, but this is a challenge they are ready to go up against. They are ready to come out successful!lauren softball 2

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