How To Win a Guy in Ten Days

Evie H
Managing Editor howtoget3EH

Many people have heard of the movie, How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days and know exactly how to achieve that goal, but many others do not know what to do in order to win a guy. Whether it is showing how much you care, buying him food, making him dinner, or taking him to see his favorite sports team play, with this advice, you are sure to catch a date.

Teenage girls believe the way to a guy’s heart is the complete opposite of how to truly win a man’s affection. Since we are girls, we will never understand any guy’s motives for what they do and how they do it. Just like they cannot read our minds, we cannot read theirs. So, ladies, that leaves us with interpretation. We have to pay attention to a guy’s behavior and the way he acts around us before we “go in for the catch.” A girl cannot expect to win a guy without making sure he is at least a little bit interested beforehand.

With that being said, in order for a guy to be interested, the girl has to look presentable. Yes, I know that looks are not the entirety of a relationship, but they do play a decent-sized role. In order for a guy to be attracted to a girl, she needs to dress nicely and spray some perfume before seeing him. As senior Caroline Nolen explains, “I love dressing up when I go out on a date. I know it makes the guy appreciate me more and lets him know that he made the right decision.” It is a proven science that men love anything vanilla scent. Also, wear red. It is said that men find women more attractive in this color. In addition, do not overdo it with the makeup. Wear enough that covers up what needs to be concealed, but do not turn your eyes into black holes. A guy appreciates a girl who looks naturally beautiful.

Along these lines, another way to capture a boy’s attention is to be smart and get to know his friends. Contrary to popular belief, more guys find it attractive when a girl does well in school and is intelligent. It tells them that she cares more about her education rather than materialistic things. So, keep the dumb blonde comments to oneself, for they will only be the cause of embarrassment. Talk about topics with a boy who has the same academic interests as you. The two of you will be able to connect on a deeper level and be able to understand each other even more. Also, become friends with his friends. If the guy you are crushing on knows that all of his friends like you, he will make sure to keep his eye on you and know that he picked the right girl.howtoget2EH

Along with this, after you have successfully received this guy’s number, wait to see if he decides to contact you first. The longest amount of time you should wait is about three days. After that, he may not be interested. Contacting him prior to him getting in touch with you could come off as clingy and too eager to talk. If he does call, you are in luck, and from that point, you do not have to wait for the next time he calls/texts again. Now it is your turn to contact him first. According to senior Lauren Dickey, she believes that this tactic works, saying, “I thought that a guy would not contact me after waiting almost a week, but when I acted as if I was not interested, I received a text immediately. It was sneaky, but it worked!” This allows him to see that you are interested, yet he does not how interested. It shows initiative, which will come off as more attractive to the guy. After you have successfully talked to him a few times, it is time to play the ever-so-famous hard to get. Whether you have been hanging out or not, it is time to be especially coy with your tone around him. He knows you are interested, so you do not need to overdo it. Keep him wondering whether or not you are completely into him, and it will surely cause him to stick around. Guys are animals. They live for the chase and love to play games with girls who act as if they are unattainable.

Now that you have played hard to get and the guy is still around, it is time to bring out the cat and mouse game. Since you have not officially gotten the guy yet, you must act unavailable the second time he asks you to hangout. Slowly stop calling and texting him, and if he contacts you first, do not reply. Do this for the next two to three days, and you will have the guy going crazy wondering where you are. Although it is important to play cat and mouse, you have to make sure you are even eligible to reach this position in the relationship. A guy will not even give you a second look if you do not look like you take care of yourself hygiene-wise and are super insecure. Guys like a confident girl, and if you stick to these tips, he will like you, too.

All in all, the female mind will never operate the way a male’s does, and therefore, we will never be able to understand it. Although these tips are not scientifically proven, they are a pretty sure-fire way to get you at least one date. Just make sure to be yourself, do not cover up who you are for a guy who does not like you for you. Keep your head held high.  Remember what you are worth, and do not settle for anything less than you deserve. But, the most important thing is to smile. A guy loves to see a happy girl, and with a smile on your face, you are definitely going to get the boy of your dreams in ten days.

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