Pet Peeves

Austin B.

Managing Editor

Being stressed and annoyed are probably two of the most prominent feelings around Woodstock High School. So many aspects of school make the stresses stronger, whether the cause is another student or a teacher. Often times, students are annoyed by other students walking too slowly in the halls, talking non-stop during class, or an assortment of many other factors. When it comes to teachers, nothing is worse than when a student is assigned many different assignments when the student has plans to do something with friends or family. Teens love to go out and be with friends, but when they are piled up with school work, they are limited on what they can do.

WHS has a generally mature student body, but in every school there are those few students who do little acts that frustrate the rest of the population. These annoying students have infected WHS as well. One of these acts is sluggish walking. When students walk slowly in the hallways, it aggravates other students. Students attend school so they can go to class and learn (though some may disagree), and if they are not able to get to class on time because they are stuck behind some sluggish students, they will be very annoyed. When students are late to class, it drives not only the student crazy, but the teachers too; teachers become just as irritated when a student is late for his or her class because the teacher either has to give the student a lecture or write him or her a detention slip; no teacher wants to take the time to do one of these. “If people stop in the halls, I usually just walk through them; it’s easier than trying to get around,” says junior Jacob Beckham. It is also extremely frustrating when students stop in the middle of the hallway. Not only does this create a traffic jam, but if someone stops unexpectedly, the person behind him or her might bump into the stopped student and feel stupid, when it is clearly not his or her fault. Moral of the story: do not take your time when walking down the school’s hallways because despite what you may think, you are not the only person in the hall, and there are some students in the school who actually care about being on time to class. Also, if you absolutely have to stop in the hallway, at least move out of the walkway.

Another pet peeve of many students is when they are trying to focus in class, and the person next to them will not stop talking. Believe it or not, there are some students who actually want to listen to the lesson because they care about their grades. In nearly every class there is at least one student who thinks that everyone cares as little as they do, so they talk as constantly and loudly as they want, and it disrupts other students immensely. Junior Johnathon Kelley says, “I get so mad when people keep talking to me during class because I can’t hear the teacher.” Teachers can tell talkative students to be quiet as much as they would like, but these students believe they have a pardon from the principal himself to disrupt class whenever they please. These students are inconsiderate, selfish, and disruptive. Moral of the story: when you are in class and you think your friends want to hear about the movie you saw over the weekend, they do not. Stop talking and learn something.

Just as they dislike being annoyed in class, high school students absolutely dread having to do homework. Nearly nothing is worse than having to go to school for eight hours and then taking some of it home to do during what should be your personal time. Junior David Schwieger states, “I really hate having a lot of Pet Peeves AB 3school work because I could be doing something I want to do instead.” Many students believe that teachers seem to get a sick enjoyment out of giving students homework, and the last thing these students want is to have their personal time infringed by more school work. Teenagers love to spend time with their friends, and when they have school work piled up, they are prevented from doing that. United States History teacher Derek Engram states, “I usually don’t give students a bunch of homework because I know they have their own things going on. I just give them enough for them to learn, not an excessive amount.” When students make plans with friends or family, and then the day before, their teachers assign them a massive load of work to do, they get very frustrated because then they either have to work all night before they go out, or they have to reschedule their plans; regardless of which they choose to do, it is annoying to be loaded with school work. Moral of the story (to teachers): please do not pile assignment after assignment on your students because we are just teenagers.

School can be a dreadful experience for many students; this can be because of other people. Students and teachers both can make school very stressful, so do not be one of those people who make school even more of a pain.

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