Pokémon X/Y: Nintendo’s Future Bestseller

Pokemon-X-and-YCasey Heidt
Staff Writer

Pokémon is a franchise that almost everyone is connected to in some way, whether it be a nostalgic childhood memory or a fervent hobby in later years. Created in 1996, this multi-media charter has one of the most enormous fanbases in the world, enabling it to release a steady stream of games, shows, movies, action figures, and cards for its millions of fans. Of all its merchandise, however, the Pokémon Company has had the most success with its games, which get sold by the billions worldwide. Therefore, it is no surprise that whispers were heard from every corner of the earth, excitedly murmuring about the newest releases slated for October 12th. These games are Pokemon X and Y, which sophomore Lauren Zinney heralds as “the best game of the century.”

The games will take place in the newest Pokémon region, Kalos. The difference between regions (there have been five so far) are the Pokemon that comes with them. With this newest region, Pokémon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara is ushering a whole new set of Pokémon. The entire Pokédex (an encyclopedia of every species in a certain region) has followed tradition and includes around 150 new Pokémon. Among these are a whole new set of starter Pokémon (Pokémon given to the player at the beginning of the game and are meant to be used for the rest of it), a new evolution for Eevee (a Pokémon from Kanto, the first region, who is famous for its many evolutions, or forms that it can take on upon training), and many more.

The new game focuses on the Kalos region, which is based off of France. As according to tradition, the player can control one of two characters: Calem, the boy, or Serena, the girl. The goal of the game is to challenge all eight gyms, where trainers have battles with other Pokémon. After beating all the Gym Leaders, the final step is to fight the Elite Four and the Champion, the best trainers in Kalos.

Similar to Pokémon Black and White, the player will be joined by his or her three best friends: Shauna, Tierno, and Trevor. Professor Sycamore is a scientist who supplies the starter Pokémon, who are meant to be used throughout the game. The villains of the game are Team Flare, who plan to purge the world of evil and ugliness.

In addition to the new characters and antagonists, the game features many other updated features. Woodstock alumnus Zack Pippin says about the game’s features, “It’s added new features… to an otherwPokemon Xise stagnant series.” While the last two games, Pokémon Black/White and Pokémon Black 2/White 2, introduced new mechanics such as triple and rotation battles, X and Y boast a whole style of graphics tailored to the newly released 3DS. X and Y will be the first handheld Pokémon game to have three-dimensional graphics. The changes do not just include standard gameplay; the franchise’s famous battles will take on a whole new look, similar to those seen in the Pokémon games made for consoles such as the GameCube and Wii.

Another new aspect to the game that is exciting Pokémon fans is what has been coined mega-evolution. When asked why he wanted the newest game so badly, 10th grader Austin Barone said: “It’s obvious… Mega Evolution!” Evolution is a concept that has been with Pokémon since the beginning; it is when a Pokémon, after fulfilling a certain set of requirements, changes into a more powerful form. X and Y are taking this a step up. With a new item called the Mega Stone, some Pokémon will be able to take on a final “evolution.” For that battle, the Pokémon will take on an even more powerful form than their final evolution, essentially making them incredibly powerful and nigh invincible. The Pokémon that have been confirmed to have mega-evolutions are also among the strongest of all the entire 600+ Pokedex, furthering the feature’s usefulness.

With past games selling billions of copies, it is predicted that Pokémon X and Y will be some of the best-selling games of the year. Woodstock alumna Chloe Heidt, an avid Pokémon fan who has played almost all the games, says, “This is the best Pokemon game to date, and I don’t think I will ever be able to play the old ones again.” It is safe to assume that, whether a novice to the franchise or a true Pokémon master, almost every fan is choosing to play this game in an attempt to catch ‘em all.


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