Towne Lake Chaos Shocks Citizens

Chaos in Towne Lake 2by Paige M.

Staff Writer

Saying that Towne Lake was chaotic these past few weeks is an understatement. A series of crimes and accidents have been happening on Eagle Drive and Towne Lake Parkway recently. Some people are even joking that Towne Lake is the new Compton. Will the crimes continue?

At around 11:45 a.m. on September 29th, Cherokee County dispatchers received a call about a possible armed robbery at the local Play N Trade store located at 2990 Eagle Drive. Once the police arrived to the scene, they discovered a fire inside the store. Sarah Hames was one of the employees scheduled to come in for a 12:30 p.m. shift that day. She arrived early to go get some lunch at a local restaurant in the same strip, and next thing she knew, she saw her boss on fire outside of the store. Tony Brazelton, the owner of the store, suffered from second and third degree burns from the fire. He was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital’s Burn Unit. His daughter said that he was suffering a lot of pain and that he had skin removed on his injured hand. She also said that he will be undergoing surgery, but he will be fine.

The Woodstock Police Department continues to try and solve the mystery of who landed the boss of Play N Trade in the hospital and possibly gutted the store-front. They have been checking surveillance cameras and diligently following up on leads to find the persons responsible. It is believed that three or four suspects entered the store and are still on the loose; officers are currently still searching to see if this assumption is correct. Along with the fire, other stores have also been affected. The businesses next to Play N Trade, Choi Kwang Do and Styl’N Hair Salon, have suffered some water damage from the sprinkler system that went off as a result to the fire. It is still being investigated how the fire even started, and samples have been taken to see if an accelerant was used. Citizens are shocked that such a serious crime could occur in a place like Towne Lake, a seemingly safe area that has had little to no serious problems in the past. A junior at Woodstock High School, Logan Cornelison, said, “I’m really just shocked that something this big could happen where we live. Usually you just hear about things like this on the news.” The details of the situation are beginning to come together. With further investigation, there will hopefully be a resolution soon.

As Towne Lake was busy coping with the Play N Trade incident, another hectic event happened when a Lexus SUV slammed into the windows of Discover Chiropractic and Rehabilitation located on Towne Lake Parkway. The crash occurred at 11:30 on Sunday morning, the same day and just 15 minutes before the Play N Trade incident was reported.  Luckily the chiropractor was closed, so no one was harmed in the accident. Coach Kirk Scharich said, “That’s unfortunate for something like that to happen. Luckily no one is hurt.” The police said that the woman behind the wheel mistakenly pressed the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal, which took out three single windows, the waiting area, and the front desk. The husband of the woman who crashed into the building said that she had just recently learned how to drive. Olivia Hughes, a sophomore, says, “It’s crazy that one small mistake can cause that much of a mess.”  The driver was not charged with anything, and she escaped the scene without any injuries. The owner hopes to have all repairs done so that they can reopen the office in the next few weeks. While it is closed, business is still accepting and treating patients at their Kennesaw office.

There has been more action in Towne Lake in one day then there has in the past few years. Many people have different views on the situation. Meghan Pierce, sophomore at Woodstock High School had said, “I feel this chaos ties into the upcoming Woodstock vs. Etowah game. The local citizens clearly cannot contain themselves. It’s a shame, but you know what they say, paint the town red.”  Many are taking a humorous approach to the situation, and others are sincerely worried about how these situations will continue to affect their hometown. Either way, Towne Lake is a safe and controlled environment, and hopefully situations like these will bring citizens to realize how well the Woodstock Police Department handled everything.



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