Woodstock Powder Puff

by Lauren N.

Staff Writer

The Powder Puff football games at Woodstock High School took place once again Friday, October 11th. Most high school girls love this game because it gives them a chance to be on the field playing football instead of watching from the stands on Friday nights. All the teams, one per grade, were ready to play by the 6 o’clock game time, as it was the talk of the school all day Friday. The seniors were coming off a loss from last year’s Powder Puff game as juniors and looked to redeem themselves in this year’s game. Four action-packed games thrilled a huge crowd, with the senior class team emerging with an 18-6 win in the championship game. Not only did the girls get to play under the Friday night lights, but they raised over $800 for Elves Club, which provides the opportunity for students to get involved in the community through various service projects.

The seniors, coached by fellow senior football players, came out ready to play against the freshmen as they scored on the first play. Senior soccer player Yahna Butcher ran straight to the end zone to put six points on the board. After the first touchdown, the seniors seemed to tighten down on defense as the freshmen, also coached by fellow male football players, could not gain any big pieces of yardage. By halftime, the seniors were up 27-0. The seniors had touchdowns from quarterback Savannah Wood and running backs Madison Jones and Yahna Butcher. The second half looked identical to the first, with the seniors continuing to dominate. The seniors’ defense was a stronghold for the team, getting an interception by Lauren Nielly and not giving up any points. The final score came out to be a 49-0 victory for the seniors. Senior defense coach Chris Mowery said, “I’m really proud of our defense, they were great at reading the plays and always knew what was going to happen.”

The juniors and the sophomores competed in the next game, and the juniors came out on top. This was the closest game all night. The sophomores started strong scoring with a touchdown from Mia Penton, the first and only touchdown during the first half. The juniors were expected to be a strong team this year, with much talk from junior players and coaches, including James Relick and Justin Agner, but all that talk started to look cheap when the game began. Towards the end of the game, junior Colleen Cromer ran into sophomore territory and got her team on the board. The sophomores answered with another touchdown from quarterback Megan Spacht. This caused the juniors to be down 14-7 with only a short amount of time left in the game. With only a minute left to play, the juniors ran another touchdown from Lana Farmer, making the game tied! This caused the game to go into several overtimes because both defenses were not giving in. Finally, after each team had the ball numerous times, the juniors had a touchdown to finish it all, with the final score being 20-14. “We started off slow, but I’m proud of my girls for finishing the game when they needed to,” said Relick.  The juniors would then face the seniors in the championship game, and the sophomores would be left to battle it out for third place with the freshmen.

The following game was to decide third and fourth places between the sophomores and freshmen. The game started off with the sophomores on offense and the freshmen ready to go on defense. The sophomores started strong with a touchdown from Penton on the first possession. They ran the ball all the way into the end zone with the entire freshmen defense chasing behind. They not only pumped up the entire crowd, but the sidelines of about 30 sophlauren powderpuffomore girls were ready for the next play. That was the only score for either team, giving the sophomores their first and only win Friday night. “It would have been awesome to play against the seniors, but I’m glad we had a chance to beat the freshmen. It was awesome,” said sophomore player Wynn Johnson.

The championship game was the game most anticipated: juniors vs. seniors. The first touchdown for the senior girls was run in by Yahna Butcher on a fake to Maddy Stone. Then as the game was heating up, a 15-yd penalty against the senior girls was given, and junior quarterback Lana Farmer ran the ball into the end zone, making the crowd and the junior sideline burst into excitement. With the game now tied at 7-7, both sides strengthened their defense. After the juniors scored, senior quarterback Savannah Wood ran into the end zone to give the senior girls a lead. Both defenses played exceptionally well coming out of the half, but the seniors’ defense played slightly better. After a touchdown from Butcher midway through the second half, the seniors shutdown the juniors’ offense and headed for victory.

At the end of the game, the seniors made a goal line stop 4th down to preserve the lead and were crowned winners by an 18-6 score. Head referee Coach Joshua Sailers had a lot to say about this game, “At times the games got pretty intense because both teams wanted to win very badly. The game was a great one though, and everyone had a great time.” The games were not only fun but also a wonderful way to fundraise. All the teams played well; congratulations to the seniors for winning it all!





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