Hot Weather is Out; Cold Weather and Fall Fashion Are In

Evie H.
Managing Editor

Finally, it is that time of year for the Thanksgiving food and even the Christmas carols, but more specifically, it is time to welcome clothes particular to the cooler weather. Although Georgia is known for its bipolar climate, it is better to be prepared for cooler weather than not to be. Fall is such a cozy time of year, and what better way to bring it in than with a stylish wardrobe to fit the new season.
First and foremost, fall is definitely the perfect time for jeans. Specifically, colored and black jeans are the ones a customer will want to buy. Although many believe that the rule of no white pants after Labor Day may be extinct, it is perfectly fine to trust that it still holds true. White and yellows are a no-go for the months following September. Try to focus on darker jeans such as deep blues, greens, and maroons. These colors will help make one stand out, as well as adapt to the changing colors outside. Wear a pair of black jeans with a neutral shirt, such as beige, and layer your clothing. Fall is the perfect time for layering, so make sure enough accessories are available in the closet in order to do so.
Speaking of layering, fall is the season for jackets to be brought out. Explicitly, leather, bomber, and motorcycle fallfashion1jackets are the ones that are in for this season. Most leather jackets are straight forward and have a collar with no hood, while bomber and motorcycle jackets may be puffier in the sleeves and may scrunch together as the sleeve gets closer to the hand. All of these jackets come in multiple colors, but stick to the darker shades that go better with the changing season. Also, if a person is feeling like layering his/her clothing but does not have one of these jackets mentioned, denim and flannel shirts are always a staple for fall. Make sure all denim shirts are worn with a colored jean other than a blue jean. Denim on denim is always a no. With flannels, pair them with any colored jean that matches and maybe a pair of combat boots to finish off the outfit.
Along with this, fall is also the season for scarves. They come in all shapes and colors, and the goal is to find one that matches the outfit and is comfortable to wear all day long. This fall, infinity scarves (the ones that do not have two ends, but are a circle), seem to be the fashion icon for 2013. Since they can be worn with absolutely anything, they add flavor to an outfit that may have been completely bland. Junior Katie Forrester agrees, saying, “I love wearing scarves during the fall. Although I may still wear them during the summer, I feel so much cozier when I pair scarves with a sweater and boots.” Although many scarves are appropriate for this season, make sure to look for ones that are not bright colors. Yellows, baby blues, and bright whites are colors that should be saved for the coming of spring. Also, try to avoid a floral pattern because most of the time, anything with flowers on it is mainly bright colors that are inappropriate for fall. Pair an infinity scarf with a form-fitting shirt and jeans combo, or even a button down shirt, colored jeans, and leather boots combo. An added bonus is matching jewelry, but make sure the colors in the jewelry do not overpower the outfit as a whole.
Contrary to popular belief, it is very possible to wear dresses once the weather gets cooler. In fact, it may even be more comfortable than wearing them in the summer. Although one should not bare her legs in the chilly breeze, a person can get away with showing a little knee in the months after September. With dresses for the fall, it is better to look for ones that are long sleeved and come in cool colors. If the dresses are shorter, then pair them with a pair of leather boots to fit the cooler temperatures. Also, fall is a perfect time for maxi skirts because they can keep one warm as well as keep a person looking cute. Pair a maxi skirt with a tucked in shirt, a belt around the hips, and a denim vest if you want to take a fashion plunge. Pile on the accessories and some flats, and there is a perfect outfit.
Finally, there are the shoes. If there is one rule one must remember about fall, do not wear sandals or flip flops. Of course it is too cold for these items, but also, they are completely out of season. To transition effectively into fall, invest in a few pairs of leather boots or combat boots. Since combat boots may not be for everyone, leather boots are more likely the ones to choose. Maura Greene, senior, adds to this by saying, “I love my leather boots. I have so many pairs in different colors, and they are perfect for every outfit. Not only are they cute, but they are also comfortable.” Purchase a few pairs in tan, gray, brown, and even black, and one is sure to be set for the upcoming months. Always wear boots with skinny jeans or dresses, and be sure that they do not go too far above the knee. Also, if boots are not the right choice, fall is always a good time for flats as well.
Season by season, the rules of fashion are sure to change. The guidelines change every year and most likely get more complicated as well. Just remember to keep it simple and comfortable. If one feels good in his/her outfit, everyone else will think that a person looks good as well. With these tricks and fashion choices, one is sure to stun his/her peers with outfits appropriate for the season’s change.

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