How To Mend a Broken Heart

Casey H.
Staff Writer

It is impossible to count all the diseases that can strike people down and leave them completely vulnerable. However, one can be fairly certain of the most painful and devastating of these maladies that, even after thousands of years of being able to adapt, humans are not immune to. A broken heart does not simply strike the body physically, though that can be a dangerous and potentially lethal side effect. While many other sicknesses leave the diseased person with the will to fight, a broken heart eats away at the constitution of whomever is affected, leaving the person a ghost of who he or she once was.  Mr. Allen Domineco, WHS AP Psychology teacher, says, “You lose your identity. When you’re in love with someone and you break up, it tears your soul in two.” Despite this, people fight back. Is it actually possible that, without pills or shots or nasty medicines, one can cure a broken heart?broken heart

All people will have their hearts broken at some point in their lives. A broken heart does not have to be the result of a romantic occurrence, though it often happens that way. How many movies has Hollywood gleefully and greedily made about the lover who suddenly is not loved back? Indeed, this trite plot has persisted for centuries, and people still love seeing it because it is so relatable. As psychology teacher Ms. Robin White says, “The heart wants what the heart wants, and sometimes it can overrule the brain.” A break-up, a death of a loved one, and a betrayal could all be as physically devastating as an accident on the highway.

To illustrate this, it has been proven by doctors that broken hearts have side effects that are capable of razing the body and leaving its crooked host as good as dead. Deaths, break-ups, and other possible causes have been known to contribute to numerous maladies, incapacitating the diseased person. While some may think that the effects are only psychological, evidence ranging from common colds to near heart attacks is overwhelming in arguing otherwise. Many a broken-hearted person has complained of insomnia, stomach aches, chest pains, and even common colds, which come from releases of hormones in the brain and body. These minor distempers may be normal for an average person and will eventually go away as time wears on, whether it be a natural cold or one that is the result of a broken heart.

As devastating as heartbreak can be, almost every person alive has been able to overcome it. It is time to face it: all will suffer a broken heart in their lifetime, so the best course of action is to take a deep breath and get through it in the best ways known. The physical symptoms are the easier ones to cure. A plethora people have chest pains or a quick heart rate, and the simplest way to fix this is through relaxing exercises such as meditation, yoga, and anti-anxiety medication, if necessary. A flu when someone is blue will not go away unless it is possible to manage stress levels, just like the chest pains. Still, it is best to follow typical cold protocol: exercise, take vitamins, eat well, and rest. Butterflies in the stomach are another common symptom, and these can be cured through conventional methods. However, it is important to keep moving, since being active can release chemicals that will soothe the nausea. The final common symptom is insomnia since it is not uncommon to lie in bed after suffering a broken heart, wondering what went wrong. This goes hand in hand with the nausea; it is best to be active in the daytime and calm in the nighttime.

These actions may be out of the ordinary for some people, but here is a remedy that will feel totally natural. Some may say that crying is a sign of weakness, but it can have tremendous beneficial effects on the body. Psychologically speaking, crying is a way to release all the anger and sadness out of one’s body. Physically, crying works in ways similar to the liver, dispensing chemicals that contribute to depression and anxiety. Sophomore Jessica Osborn knows this, and she says, “All you can do is cry and regret…” Another way to get these dangerous chemicals out of the body is through sweat. It is proven that exercise can help people with a broken heart, the same way it can suffering insomniacs, who need to exhaust themselves to sleep at night.

In addition, psychologists and those who have suffered a broken heart say that one important action to take is to detach from the one who has caused the pain in order to move forward. The longer someone holds onto someone else, the harder it is to let go; however, it is impossible to move on unless someone is able to acknowledge that some things are not meant to be. This does not mean it is a terrible idea to reminisce, or fantasize. It does not take a genius to figure out that when someone is trying not to think about something, the more likely it is that the person will think about it. Still, it is important for the individual to find a way to stand on his or her own, to make a world without the traumatic experience.

Broken hearts are awful. There is really no disputing it. Freshman Justina Simonetta says, “It’s like walking on broken glass, while on fire, while drowning in your own sorrow.” Whether physical or psychological, anyone unlucky enough to suffer from this epidemic will suffer some sort of symptom that will leave that person emotionally compromised. All anyone can do is be sad for a little bit but then be able to move forward. Anyone who has overcome a broken heart can say that is the only thing to do.  A person needs to love, cry, and love again. After all, as tragic as it is to watch the spark of love flicker and die, it is more tragic still to watch it never light again.

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