Useless Apps Intrique Users

Alison S.
Staff Writer

Most people like the iPhone because of the efficient mix of internet, phone, and camera; however, some use the iPhone because of the millions of apps that can be downloaded. Many of these apps can be quite helpful like music apps and weather apps, but other apps are peculiar and not necessary.
There are several apps that are considered not only unnecessary, but disgusting. Among the numerous useless apps is Pimple Popper. For those who enjoy popping pimples, this app is the one to choose. In this game, the player is timed on how many zits he or she can pop on the animated face. If Pimple Popper is not awkward and uncomfortable enough, Poop Log will definitely make the user’s stomach turn. Poop Log allows the user to track his/her bowel movements by recording the type, volume, and time. Although keeping records on bowel movements is strange in itself, the app also allows the user to post comments and pictures of the waste and even connects to Facebook and Twitter so the user can share his or her progress!
Along with disgusting and inappropriate apps on the iPhone, there are plenty of uncanny apps. The Ghost Radar Classic claims to detect paranormal activity by reading the atmosphere with the use of sensors on the phone. If the app picks up an extra “energy,” it will notify the user of the readings. Where the Ghost Radar Classic is mysterious and almost scary, the Game for Cats is plain psychotic. This app is made for felines of all ages. The game starts off with a laser on the screen for the cat to chase. As the game continues, the laser progresses into a rodent. Senior Emily Willis states, “I love my cat more than anything, but I would never pay money to buy a game on my phone for him to play.” She then confusedly exclaims, “Cats cannot play games?!” Good thing some people have common sense!apps as 2
If these apps are not weird enough, maybe BellyButton will allow thoughts to be changed. This pointless and bizarre app allows the user to pick out his or her favorite type of stomach to tickle. With seven different skins, including beer belly, six pack, and hairy, and five giggles, the tickler is bound to have a good time listening to the headless stomach laugh uncontrollably. Users of these apps might get thirsty from all the fun, so iMilk might need to be the next purchase. This app simulates a real glass of milk, so the user gets his or her daily dose of calcium without even having to go to the refrigerator and pour a cup. All the user has to do is tilt to sip and shake for foam. This app features chocolate and strawberry flavored milk as well!
Maybe someone is feeling desperate for a fake caller during an uncomfortable moment; the HottrixPhone PRO, another useless app, is definitely not worth the unreasonable price of $50. This discrete fake-call application for adults allows people to receive calls from celebrities of their choice and set a schedule for when the call is received. The next time someone wants to get out of a certain situation, Paris Hilton can save the day! Econ and history teacher Mr. Josh Sailers comments, “This app is way too expensive; I don’t know who would waste their money on something like this.” This app may not be as strange as others, but it is not worth the money!
From weird to humorous, these apps fit in perfectly. GEICO Brostache gives the user the ability to choose a brostache out of seven types and try it out on a picture from the phone’s camera roll. When the user talks into his or her phone, the mouth moves, allowing the user to experience the brostache for himself (or herself). GEICO Brostache is not the only facial hair app out there; Crazy Shave is a close competitor in this area of expertise. Crazy Shave gives the user a chance to be a barber and shave the animated clients. The user can create beard types and take pictures of the creations! This app features a variety of clientele including Normal Guy, Pirate, Viking, and Zombie. If shaving other people is appealing, maybe Electric Shaver, an app that resembles an electric razor, will be as well. Unfortunately, a phone cannot cut hair, but watch as the phone buzzes when the power button is held simulating a real electric razor! Senior Craig Yaeger comments, “What is the point of buying an app that doesn’t even do anything?” Most would agree with Yaeger; however, there are some in this world who buy this app, or else it would not be on the market!
Whether students are looking for something to do on a boring day at school or are just entertained by the idea of playing these useless games, they can check out these humorous and rather disturbing apps for themselves at the app store on the iPhone.

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