Ways To Aid Stress For Teenagers

Autumn R.
Staff Writer

Stress is defined as “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances,” but in reality, stress is much simpler than its definition. The source of all stress is… dun dun dun: school. The pressure that is slammed upon students daily is what causes most stress in teenagers. Pestering by teachers, yelling by parents, and tears flowing of distraught teenagers is normal for people the ages of 14 through 18. Expectations are so extremely high for teenagers to do well in school that it is almost impossible to not have a mental breakdown once a week. Expectations and the stress usually initiated by peers is difficult to fix, so stress relievers are the only way to try and relieve some of the pressures of teenage life.stress-ar

Food is a beautiful source of stress-relieving. Wasting one’s sorrows away in a giant vat of ice cream always makes people feel a little bit better. Food has been proven to be one of the most enjoyable aspects of life, so when one is down in the dumps or needs a break from all the pressures of life, run to the pantry or the refrigerator. Run until the destination is reached, and indulge. Take a break about thinking and worrying about that calculus test or that physics project. Everyone deserves to sit down and stuff one’s face to get the mind off something else. Senior Madison McCabe states, “When I am stressed out, I take the ice cream out of my freezer and sit down on my couch and watch Gossip Girl. It takes my mind off school, and who does not like ice cream?” Any type of junk food that comes to mind, eat it; it will help relieve stress.

For those weird people who are watching their figure, maybe food as a stress reliever does not sound very appealing. Abnormal as that is, try exercise. Next to food, exercise is another one of the top stress relievers. Endorphins are produced when one exercises, and this chemical is a proven stress reliever. The endorphins send happy thoughts to the brain and also make one more active. Being happier and more active allows students to be more determined to achieve goals. Senior Katie Ingram comments, “When I am stressed, I run or go on a jog. Once I am done, I am a little tired, but it clears my head and makes me focus more on my work.” If a student is an athlete who is constantly running, the amount of endorphins may be less and will not have the same poignant affect. For athletes and non-junk food eaters, another solution is at hand.

If one maintains a healthy lifestyle and still is constantly bombarded with stress, talking to parents or friends can help the situation. Most of the time teenagers bottle up their stress and explode when they just cannot handle it any longer. Teenagers tend to think that they are the only ones having issues, but 90 percent of the time their peers are going through the same situations. Taking time to vent can take a weight off one’s shoulders and allow a person to breathe and relax for a little while. Taking a second to explain what is stressing one out can open up doors of aid. Senior Madison Schroeder comments, “I juggle church class, AP classes, track, and taking care of my younger siblings every day. One day I just started crying and explained to my mom that I could not handle it all. She told me she would help more with my siblings, and even though that seems minor, it did lift some stress.” Venting can lead to help because most of the time people do not want to see a loved one suffer.

The hectic time of a teenager’s life is most of the time due to lack of organization or too much on one’s plate. Knowing what one is capable of juggling is key to an individual’s particular stress level. Those who are feeling overwhelmed should take an hour or two to sit down alone, or even with a parent, to figure what the teen is capable of managing. Write it down, or make a visual of what all is going on. Maybe the plate is too full, or maybe time management is the issue. Senior Chris Mowery comments, “I had a breakdown and told my mom I was dealing with too many things. School, basketball, football, a girlfriend – it was just too much. So we sat down and decided I could do regular season basketball and not fall ball, and my load was a lot less.” Whatever it is, it can be adjusted. If a student’s plate is too full, sacrificing some aspects may be difficult and hard to let go of, but in the end, one has to ask oneself if it is worth all of the current stress.

Waking up day to day being pounded with numerous aspects of teenage life is just a part of growing up, but it is supposed to be enjoyable as well. Just know that when accompanied with stress, countless stress relievers are there to aid. Being a teenager is one of the most difficult stages of life, so do not make it more stressful than it has to be. Take initiative and enjoy being young!


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