Gobble Gobble!

Autumn R.

Staff Writer

This is the time of year where Americans can stuff their faces with pure joy and not care one bit about the fact of consuming thousands of calories. Thanksgiving is one of the foundations of America, and it should not be a stressful time of the year.  This is the time of year where Americans gather around their dining room tables and appreciate one another. This is the time of year when families put all their current issues aside and make happy memories. The smell of turkey is in the air, laughter is filling souls, and thankfulness is spread. For those who find it a stressful time of the year, take some of these tips to make the holiday season fun and less of a hassle!

Family activities and time spent with those who matter make Thanksgiving worthwhile. There is much more to do than just sit around and watch football or moan and groan about the food taking too long on Thanksgiving Day. What is there to do? There are cheap and non-laborious forms of entertainment. Arts and crafts, baking and cooking, fun games, and more! When the kids are being a bother while the adults are trying to get everything prepared, there are more concepts to get them distracted than just putting on a movie. Arts and crafts are a simple and entertaining solution for children during the holidays. While the adults are making dinner, set up a little craft table nearby so the little ones can still be easily supervised. Senior Jessica Broome comments, “We have a lot of little cousins in my family during Thanksgiving, so my mom always gives them a little craft station to keep them busy.” Put a cheap tablecloth on the table, and set up everything such as paper, markers, glue, paint, and other craft supplies. A fun idea for a craft would be placemats. Let the children go outside and collect however many leaves they want. Take a large piece of construction paper and let the children decorate it with the arts supplies. After they are satisfied, they then can glue however many leaves they want to it. After the glue is dry, laminating the paper is an option to make it look even better, and the leaves will not fall off. (The use of a laminator is not necessary though.) These creations can now be used as decorative placemats for the fall season or Thanksgiving dinner. Other arts and crafts include table decorations. A cute table decoration is a turkey table topper. The turkey table topper involves collecting pine cones, gluing googley eyes to the front, cutting construction paper beaks, and bending pipe cleaners into a “u” shape before gluing them to the back of the pine cones for feathers!

If the kids are not really interested in arts and crafts, games are another option. For children who do not prefer crafts, the above suggestions are probably not the best option for their entertainment. Make a field goal out of construction paper and tape it to an open wall and cut little construction paper footballs. Next, the task of the game is quite simple. Give the participant a small paper football and then tie a blindfold around the participant. Once that step is complete, spin the participant around a few times and then stop him or her in front of the field goal. The goal of the participant is to try and tape the paper football as close to the middle of the field goal as possible. The kids then take turns to see who can get it closest to the middle. Another game for boys and girls alike is called Cross the Sea. First, pick one person to represent the New World. The New World stands on a chair at one end of the room. Next, choose someone to be the Mayflower. The kids are blindfolded at the other end of the room. Everyone else plays “rocks,” standing, sitting, or lying on the floor to make it hard for the New World to cross. The New World gives directions to direct the ship (who cannot talk or peek) safely across the “sea,” the chair upon which the New World stands. Other games include two hand touch football or pin the gobble on the turkey.

The kitchen during Thanksgiving can be hectic but super fun at the same time. Most children love to help out in the kitchen. They might get in the way sometimes, but there are always little tasks that they can help with. Let them stir batter of the unprepared baked goods, or teach them how to crack an egg. Setting up the table can be an option as well as getting everyone’s drink orders. Provide them with a stool to help them reach the counter top, and be patient while teaching them a thing or two about cooking and baking!

Thanksgiving is a joyful time of the year. Laughter and love is spread throughout, and everyone is usually happy. Having exciting activities for young ones to participate in makes for an even more memorable holiday season!


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