Pet Peeves: Daily Annoyances

Austin B.

Manging Editor

People generally get on the nerves of another person at least one time in their life. Sometimes when a person annoys another, it is just to be immature, but there are times when it is genuinely unintentional. When one student asks another if he or she can copy the other’s work, he or she is not doing it just to bother the other person, though it may seem otherwise. The same situation arises with people only like a team because it is successful; the person does not mean to irritate true fans, even though he or she is.

High school at times seems as if it is just a bunch of worksheets; as annoying as the paperwork is, there are still some students who are actually willing to do all the work. Some students understand that boring worksheets make up a pretty large portion of their grade because doing the worksheets helps students understand the material that will be on the test. The point to this rant is that, for the students who always do their work, it is extremely annoying when others are always being lazy and constantly asking to copy that work. Some students work very hard to earn good grades, and when other students are trying to pressure them into letting these lazy students use their work, it makes the diligent student feel bad because someone else is getting all of the work done with much less effort; it is almost as if all of the responsible student’s hard work is going to waste. Junior Johnathon Kelley says, “I really hate when people copy my work; I mean, I work hard on my assignments, so I’m not passing them around.” No one likes to be the only hard worker within the group while everyone else just copies; this situation makes the responsible student feel as if he or she is being taken advantage of. It is very rude for someone to copy another person’s work. Moral of the story: do your own work because copying is inconsiderate, and you will never get anywhere in life if you intend to “earn” your “success” off of others.

Sports, a major part of so many people’s lives, are another way that people coast off of the success of others. Fans all across the world love to watch their favorite team play because that team usually in some way represents them. For example, many people like to watch the Atlanta Falcons because, despite their rough season, the team still represents Georgia in the National Football League, and an unsuccessful season does not change that. However, there is an abundance of people who like a team simply because the team is successful. Many sports fans are willing to completely stop supporting a team just because the team has a losing record, and when they stop supporting their original team, they jump to another, seemingly better team. Fans who jump from team to team based on the success of the teams are called bandwagoners. For example, if a fan gave up on the 2-8 Atlanta Falcons and became a fan of the 9-1 Kansas City Chiefs simply because the Chiefs have a better record, this person is a bandwagoner. Bandwagoners are extremely annoying to true, dedicated fans. No one likes to see someone wearing an Atlanta Braves Division Championship shirt one day and a Boston Red Sox World Series Champions shirt after the Braves were eliminated and the Soxs became champions; this would appall Braves and Red Sox fans because it becomes perfectly clear that this fan was only in it for the bragging rights. Junior Adam Crockett tells, “I’ve been a Georgia Bulldogs fan since day one. Last season, the Dawgs made it to the SEC Championship game, and I noticed a lot more people representing Georgia, but after they lost, they went to being Alabama fans. I really hate that. If someone can change teams so easily, they were never real fans in the first place.” This is true with all sports fans; people will not really be accepted as fans of a team if they only stick around for the successes that the team has. Moral of the story: if you like a team, like it in its ups and its downs; do not just jump on the bandwagon of the number one team because people will catch on, and that is not something you want to be known for.

As crazy as it may sound, and as hard as it may be to believe, these two acts really are not intended to aggravate people. Though people often do annoy others, work copiers and bandwagoners do not partake in these infuriating acts simply to annoy; they do these because they, in the case of copying, are lazy, or, in the case of bandwagoning, feel the need to brag about the success of a team that is not truly theirs. In both situations, though it is not intentional, the act will annoy a multitude of people, so be careful if you are performing one of these because it really irritates many people.

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