Best gift ideas for this holiday season!

by Lauren N.

Staff Writer

It is that stressful time of year again, with Christmas right around the corner, when people are faced with the challenge of getting their friends and families the best gifts possible. With so many new gift options, it is difficult to choose which would make the best present for someone. No matter how old people get, excitement still comes when they are about to open a gift, a feeling of joy that arises from tearing off wrapping paper and seeing exactly what was wanted. The christmas gifts LN 2only better feeling is from being the person who gave that perfect present to a loved one. Whether it is a new Xbox or a sweater, there are countless gifts to give this year.

The value of the gift is not measured in the amount of money spent but in the thought that is put into choosing the right item for the receiver. If the present is not something the recipient would use, there is not that much value to the gift. This does not mean that giving someone toiletry items is the only option. There needs to be a fun factor involved in presents. A gift that is used long after the holidays will mean more than a cute gift that will not get any use.

Getting gifts for parents can be difficult. It is hard because kids can get them just about anything, and they will swear that they absolutely love it. This year get them something that they will actually like and get use out of. The iPad mini, Apple’s newest toy, is a perfect gift. There are cheaper tablets, yet there are few that are as easy to use for email, digital cookbooks, and reading magazines. This item is pricey, costing about $300, so to make it affordable, have siblings split the cost so that the iPad can the one big gift from all the kids. If there is not enough money saved to get an iPad, there are plenty of more affordable gifts that parents would love to receive. For mom: candles, curling iron, and jewelry are all wonderful gifts that will not cost a fortune. For dad, solid present ideas include phone cases, books, and candy. “My kids always work hard to get my husband and I the best presents for Christmas, so I can only expect something well thought out and useful ” explained Ms. Linda Watson, science teacher.

For siblings, it should not be too difficult to find something they would like, seeing as siblings hear each other complain all the time about not having something they want. Whether one has a brother or a sister, they both would be happy with a gift card to their favorite stores. This is a way to know for sure that they will get something they actually like, and the gift giver will not have to stress over if they will be happy with it or not. There are always more sentimental gifts to get siblings, like picture frames filled with special memories with the family. Also, tickets to an event coming up are a terrific gift because it would allow siblings to spend the day together and have fun while doing it.

Giving elaborate, expensive gifts does not mean that it is the most special gift. Nothing shows thoughtfulness more than a personalized Christmas gift. “Every year for Christmas, my youngest sister makes me a card and draws a picture of our family on it. Those cards mean more to me than anything she could ever buy for mChristmas gifts LNe,” said senior Peyton Moore. Engraving a message on an iPad or simply writing a heartwarming note inside a book cover lets the recipient know that he or she holds a special place in one’s heart.

Giving gifts to friends is fun yet difficult. There is something about shopping for the perfect gifts to give a best friend that is very thrilling. Whether it is a gag gift or a token of appreciation, gifts should always leave friends laughing or feeling sentimental. The best way to make a gift look thoughtful is to take that friend’s interests or any inside jokes you may have with him or her into consideration.

Customizing a Christmas present is always a major plus. Getting an iPad case with the logo of someone’s favorite sports team, or loading a Kindle Fire with novels from the recipient’s favorite author lets the receiver know that they are on one’s mind. It also helps to know that when the person uses the gift in the future, he or she will be thinking of the person who gave the gift. With these present ideas in mind, there will be no problem finding the best gifts possible. Getting something someone values, that is meaningful and personal, will surely get the reaction and thanks wanted.




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