Tis The Season of Giving and Watching Movies

by Alison S.

Staff Writer

As Christmas approaches and finals week starts to haunt every student’s thoughts, the only activity that sounds appealing to the overwhelmed mind is cuddling up on the couch and watching Christmas movies on Netflix for countless hours. There are a few classic Christmas movies that will get anyone in the mood for the holidays!

There are several categories of Christmas movies to choose from. Whether one is in the mood for classic or comical, the list of entertaining movies is endless. One of the most popular Christmas movies ischristmas movies Elf. This movie, staring Will Ferrell, James Caan, and Bob Newhart, is about an elf who leaves the North Pole after discovering he was not like the other elves at Santa’s workshop because he was bigger than everyone else. In hopes of finding his biological father, Buddy the Elf, played by Ferrell, travels to New York and experiences the world outside of the North Pole. This comical and light-hearted film is bound to make one smile as Buddy tries to fit in and have fun while making a fool of himself by singing everywhere he goes and having a panic attack every time he sees “Santa.” Senior Kennedy Reeg exclaims, “Elf is my favorite holiday movie because it is so quotable and so funny!” Many students around Woodstock would agree that the movie is an all-time favorite.

If a movie like Elf does not sounds appealing to you, a classic like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation should be your next watch. Christmas Vacation is the third movie in a series following the Griswold family and their vacations. This movie, made in 1989 and starring Chevy Chase, has been a Christmas movie tradition in many households. This hilarious story depicts a dysfunctional family gathering for Christmas. Complete with the annoying relatives who camp out at the house for the week without permission and countless mishaps including setting the tree on fire and getting the cops called, the celebration sums up as a Christmas the Griswolds will never forget. Economics teacher Mr. Josh Sailers comments, “This movie is considered the number one classic holiday film in my house. I laugh so hard when I think of what the Griswolds have to go through.” This movie is definitely a must see! National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation was one of the top-rated seasonal TV specials of 1994, out-rating even the first network telecast of It’s a Wonderful Life.

Although one cannot go wrong with funny Christmas classics, there is nothing that sets the Christmas spirit of giving and family like Hallmark Channel movies. These sappy movies will definitely make one feel the love of Christmas. Among the list of the most popular Hallmark Christmas movies, The Ultimate Gift is on the top. This sentimental movie, starring James Garner, Abigail Breslin, and Drew Fuller, is about a young boy named Jason whose grandfather dies and leaves him twelve tasks instead of a big inheritance. Jason learns valuable life lessons and discovers that happiness is more important than money. Although this movie may not seem like a normal Christmas film, The Ultimate Gift defines the real reason for the season.

If movies like The Ultimate Gift do not scream Christmas, the Hallmark Channel has plenty of other options including Mrs. Schristmas movies 2anta Claus, Our First Christmas, The Christmas Heart, and several others. Senior Nicole Agner exclaims, “I love Hallmark movies! Although they are a bit cheesy at times, they are so cute! I watch them all of the time, especially during Christmas!” Although many students would agree with Agner, anatomy teacher Ms. Laura Cox comments, “Sometimes Hallmark movies are too much for me. They are either too sappy or the acting is not good.” Even though Hallmark movies are criticized by some, Hallmark movie are worth a shot.

The Christmas season cannot pass by without a movie marathon of the most classic Christmas movies. It’s A Wonderful Life, starring James Stewart and Donna Reed, is about a guy named George who wishes he had never been born. An angel named Clearance is sent to earth to help George out and to make him realize how much he has impacted the lives of people around him and to show him how good his life actually is. Another old and classic Christmas Movie is White Christmas. Starring Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, and Vera-Ellen; this classic sing-and-dance movie will make one want to get off the couch and dance down the street. White Christmas is a romantic musical that takes place in a Vermont lodge where it is almost always a “white Christmas.”

Now that the mood is set for Christmas, go home and snuggle up with some hot cocoa on the couch and start watching the long list of funny, sappy, and cheerful Christmas movies!

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