Sledding In To the Holiday Season

Paige M.
Staff Writer

With the holidays ringing in, everybody is looking for exciting and entertaining activities to do in their free time. With relatives in town for Christmas and time off of school and work, people are dying to participate in something to put them in the holiday spirit.Christmas Activities 2

Ice skating at Atlantic Station is one of the many seasonal options to have some fun with both family and friends. Workers charge only twelve dollars per person to skate, which includes access to the ice rink and a pair of skates in custom sizes to borrow. People in Atlanta and all over Georgia enjoy this activity, and luckily makes Georgians feel as if we received some snow. Kendle Flint, a sophomore, said, “I love Atlantic Station, especially during the winter time. It is a great atmosphere to grab a bite to eat, go skating, and do some shopping. I’m even having my birthday party there.” Christmas music and vibrant decorations and lights make Atlantic Station even more cheery. Santa, hot chocolate, and shopping are also offered to make the experience even more fun. Atlantic Station does an amazing job in organizing fun activities and creating an experience that will be remembered. This is a reasonably priced activity option to plan over with holiday with family, friends, or significant others.Christmas Activities 1

Along with skating, light shows seem to be very popular during the holiday season. Many families take overnight trips or even just drive down to places that host these events. Callaway Gardens is one of these places to visit, with a light show called “Fantasy in Lights.” They pride themselves in using 18 million lights and 15 dazzling scenes and are even rated by National Geographic Traveler as one of the top 10 places to see lights. The Callaway Gardens light show runs throug December 30, 2013. Tickets can be purchased on the Callaway Gardens website. Children 5 and under are admitted for free, while kids ages 6-12 range from 8.50 to 12 dollars. Adult tickets vary from 17-24 dollars. (Prices range based on value show dates or prime show dates.) Callaway provides an option of taking a trolley with other people during the light show or taking one’s own car. For those who choose to drive their own car, there is a radio station to tune into and listen to the designated music for the show. This light show is definitely a night to remember and is even followed up with cookies with Santa and decorating ornaments in the main center afterwards. In case the night gets too late, or one just prefers to get away for the weekend, Callaway Gardens has many high class lodges to stay in over the night or over the weekend.

While Callaway Gardens puts on a fabulous show, there are other places to see lights as well. Lake Lanier has a light show that compares to the one at Callaway Gardens. The charge is $60 per car, and the light show continues until December 31, 2013. After the light show, similar to Callaway, Lake Lanier has a holiday village for roasting marshmallows, taking photos with Santa, holiday shopping, and pony and amusement rides. Other people who choose not to pay for this activity sometimes go to neighborhoods to look at the lights that people put up. Light gazing while listening to Christmas music is a cheap and fun way to get in the holiday spirit. Some houses even set up elegant light arrangements and provide Santa visits for free. One of these houses is even located as close as Eagle Watch. Other houses also do this, and some even act out the story of Mary giving birth to Jesus, including props like the manger. There are many fun activities to do with the family; looking at lights is just one of them!

When looking for something fun to do without the hassle or without creating a dent in the pocketbook, people choose not to go out during the holidays, but to stay in and around the area, going to Christmas parties and other events. Some people even organize these events at their houses. Gift exchanges, secret Santas, and other gift giving activities are all becoming very popular. Grace Timm, a sophomore, said, “This year I’m hosting a secret Santa party with many of my friends. We have a minimum price of twenty dollars, and everybody has been assigned someone to buy a gift for. We try as hard as we can to keep the names a secret because it is much more fun that way!” Other similar parties are Ugly Christmas Sweater parties. This is when groups of people gather wearing their most tacky Christmas sweater. Many have literal bells and other cheesy things that would not be acceptable to wear on any other occasion. This is a fun time with food, games, and other festivities that help celebrate the holidays. Mistletoe and decorations are hung around the house for these parties to strengthen the feeling of the holidays. John Baumgartner states, “My favorite thing about Christmas is mistletoe, a lot of mistletoe.”  Everybody has their own way of celebrating Christmas time and their favorite ways to do so, but they all are fun and exciting. Some are traditional, and some are modern, but people always find ways to celebrate the holidays in cheerful ways. For many, this is the most wonderful time of the year for reasons including caroling, Christmas music, decorations and lights, baking, and many others. Find something you love during the holidays and enjoy!

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