Tis the Season for the Worst Gifts of the Year

Evie H.
Managing Editor

Every year, as the stores are slashing prices and lengthening hours, the list of available gifts to purchase seems to stretch longer and longer. Whether it is a new electronic gadget or that quintessential 2014 car one must have, almost everyone makes a Christmas list. What people purposefully leave out of the lists are those gifts that grandma thinks are essential to living daily life. Although one may think socks are the worst gift to receive for Christmas, this person is in for a rude awakening when they see some of the items on this list.christmasEH
To begin, one of the worst Christmas gifts one can give to anyone is most definitely a diet book. Not only just the diet book, but giving all of the knick knacks that goes along with it as well. If someone wraps up a South Beach diet book, a membership to Jenny Craig, as well as a treadmill with a giant red bow on it, a woman, especially, will take this the wrong way. If one finds himself still married to or still dating said person, he will have to make it up to her every year for the rest of their lives. The woman will not take the hint; instead, she will probably eat her feelings for how rude the gift-giver has been.christmasEh2
Along with not giving the diet products, it is essential that one does not give someone else a scale or Spanx. A scale will haunt the person for the rest of the year, and this person will always think of the one who bought it for him or her. Not only will this person take the hint that she may need to lose weight, but one could also obsess over it. Spanx, which are made to glide over the lumps on a woman’s body and make her look less noticeable, just goes without saying that it is a terrible gift to give to someone no matter how close one may think he or she is with said person. This can only get worse if one pairs the Spanx with the scale. At this point, the gift-giver might as well say, “Use the Spanx until you see results. Merry Christmas.”
Along these lines, another terrible gift to pass along to someone is anything holiday related, namely hand towels or kitchen utensils. Sure, someone will plaster on a fake smile upon opening the awful gift, but in reality, these towels are never going to be hung up in said person’s house. For example, senior Nickolette Calov agrees by saying, “One year, one of my relatives thought it would be funny to give me holiday themed towels so that I could re-do my bathroom, but I was never going to use them.” Either the receivers of these gifts will think their house needs to be redecorated, or they will know how little thought the giver put into the gift. The only time giving towels would be minimally acceptable is when the person has just bought a new house and needs these items. Otherwise, stick to something meaningful.
To continue, another awful gift to give on the list would be anything having to deal with air freshener or deodorant. If someone were to receive an item like this in a package, the person would most definitely take the hint that either the house or the person has a stench. The only time it is acceptable to give someone something that is intended to make the person smell better is when one is wrapping up perfume. Technically, it could be given as a hint to freshen up more often, but at least it is less cheap and obvious as giving hygiene products.
Finally, one of the worst and most thoughtless gifts a person can give is something re-gifted. If someone gave a person a gift card that is said to be ‘unused’ and then pass it along to this person’s friend for Christmas, the friend is surely going to check the balance. Once she discovers that the card has $1.00 left on it, the person giving the gift is going to be short one friend. It is not that hard to put some thought into giving a gift card, no matter how thoughtless this idea may sound. Just pick the person’s favorite store and give at least fifteen dollars.
All in all, some of the gifts on this list are just plan horrendous and need not to be given this year. Before one runs out of time and does not know what to buy a person, check out the suggestions made throughout this article to avoid losing friends and possibly family. Even if the gift is homemade, it is better than receiving used gum or cleaning supplies. Take this advice into consideration, and everyone will be sure to have a happy holiday.

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