Pet peeves: Being in public

Austin B.

Manging Editor

Being in public is much different from being in private, but countless people fail to realize this. When people are out in public, they must consider that it is not only them anymore, that they are surrounded by other people who they must account for. There are far too many people who do inconsiderate actions such as talking to someone who has headphones in, not using blinkers while driving, or even texting while driving. Many are inconsiderate of others, and they are thoughtless at the wrong times.

When someone is listening to music through headphones and another person repeatedly attempts to talk to him or her, the person listening to music will become very annoyed. It is seriously irritating when people are listening to music and they must continue to maneuver their headphones in and out of their ears because someone else is continuously trying to talk to them. When people have headphones in, one of two things is going on: 1) they are listening to music because they want to actually hear the songs, or 2) they are trying to tune the world out, and when people do not understand this, it can be very frustrating. People do not like to have their music interrupted again and again for a conversation that they do not want to be having in the first place. Generally, the annoyed person in this situation will give off a frustrated sigh, or he or she will display frustration through body language by pulling out the headphones in a quick motion or showing a disapproving facial expression, because they clearly do not want to talk. Moral: if you see people with headphones in their ears, let them leave them there.

The inconsideration of people is not limited to interrupting the musical enjoyment of others. Driving can be an aggravating experience due to some of the incompetent drivers who clutter the roads. The first act that way too many people forget to do is using their blinkers. People can be late to work or school all because one other driver did not do something as simple as using a blinker. Personally, I have been late to school before for this reason. I was waiting to turn left onto a main road, but there was a car approaching from the left, and so I waited. The car got to the road that I was on at the time and turned onto it. This would not have frustrated me so much if the person had used his or her blinker, because then I would have known that this car was turning, and I could have gone with no issues. However, since no blinker was used, I was forced to wait for no reason, and the road regained its clutter before I could turn, forcing me to wait for another opening in the traffic. I am not the only one who has a problem with people not using their blinkers; junior David Schwieger agrees, “That really bugs me because there are other people on the road; it’s not just them, and they think it is for some reason.” Using one’s blinker is such a simple task, yet so many people fail to do it, and it can cause extreme irritation to those who are left waiting to turn. Moral: use your blinker while driving; it is common courtesy.

While driving, it is very aggravating when other drivers are too addicted to their phones that they are unwilling to put them down to drive. When drivers multi-task just so they can respond to a text message that can wait anyway, it puts all other drivers in danger, and in frustration. Drivers who text while they drive tend to swerve into other lanes and then quickly maneuver back into their lane when they realize their mistake, but this does not deter them; they continue to send falsely important messages to others while they are on the road. Junior Jacob Beckham states, “I hate when people text while they’re driving. They always drift into my lane, and then they get mad at me for it!” Beckham’s frustration is commonly shared among drivers because it is crazy to attempt to text someone while doing something that is extremely dangerous without the distractions. Moral of the story: when you are driving, focus on driving so you do not kill anyone.

=Inconsideration is becoming a serious problem for people while they are out in public. They do certain acts that, for some reason, they do not understand are annoying. Being in public should not be as much of an issue as it currently is for some people; people should have better manners and more courtesy when they are in public than when they are at their house or some other private place.

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