A new year: A new me

Paige M.
Staff Writer

With the start of each new year, many people make resolutions to better themselves. Some say, “As the ball drops, so do the old habits.” Individuals have different kinds of resolutions and tactics to carrying out their goals, but most are extremely motivated and ready to work hard at what they plan to improve about themselves.resolutions 1

One of the most common resolutions is to improve health; in fact, the busiest day of the year at the gym is New Year’s Day. Whether this is by exercising every day or just generally eating right, a new year is a new time and a new weight. People with health-improving resolutions do this by beginning to go to the gym every day and eating right, as in adding more fruits, vegetables, and grains into their diet. Sophomore Tyler Seladi says, “My resolution is to lose a lot of weight, get ripped, and win an MMA tournament.” Just like Seladi, many others are buckling down in their sports and other activities. People are joining sessions at places such as Cross fit and Fury, which focuses on high intensity workouts that improve muscle quality and burn fat fast. Athletes are choosing to condition more, practice more, and dedicate themselves to winning and being the best at the game they can be.

Along with becoming healthier with fitness and foods, others choose to establish their New Year’s resolutions in academics. Because the second semester begins shortly after the beginning of the New Year, books are reopened and pencils are sharpened with a new kind of determination. The mistakes and unwanted grades are washed away from the previous semester, and a clean slate is set. College and high school students decide to push themselves further than they had before in an effort to receive outstanding marks and grades on report cards, GPA’s, and class rankings. The slackers begin to pick up their pace, and the over-achievers are even more self-motivated than before. The second semester is a fresh start and a new beginning. Sophomore Claudia Miklosik said, “This semester I plan on taking my grades more seriously. Last semester I didn’t do as well as I would have wanted to, and I cannot wait to work my hardest and get all A’s this time.” As the standards get higher, people begin to crack down and try harder. Mrs. Krista Webb, a history teacher at Woodstock, affirms, “I enjoy the new attitudes I see in students when they come back second semester.” The change is noticeable, and although it may not last for long, it is always positive to start off with good grades and motivation.

Another common resolution is to improve a person’s connection with their religion. Sophomore Emma Gilbert said, “This year I want to get closer to God in every way I can. So far I am doing well. I even wake up early before school and read daily devotionals, which have so far led to better and more positive days.” Other people who have this same resolution choose to go to church on a more regular basis, pray more, and just devote more time to religion is general. Some also do this by becoming involved with the community, helping others, and participating in many other generous actions that they believe are morally right and uplifting.resolutions 2

Those who have trouble pinpointing a more specific resolution sometimes resolve to just generally becoming a better person. Sophomore Grace Timm, says, “I think I want to be more kind, accept the person I am, and work on bettering myself so that in the long run I can be happy with life.” This attitude is one that persists on being non-judgmental, self-loving, and overall happier and healthier, for becoming healthier does not only mean physically, but also mentally. Other resolutions revolving around becoming a better person could include volunteering, working harder, donating money, spending more time with family, and much more. This is broad and depends on the person who decides to stick to the resolution.

No matter what the resolution that a person commits to is, if they even do choose to commit to a resolution, the New Year is a time to start over and become or do something new and fresh. Everyone is different, and everyone has his or her own goals and values, but it is very common to want to do something fresh to start the year. Hopefully people will carry out these choices to the end of the year and be happy with the way all 365 days had occurred.

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