Woodstock’s Electives That You Should Take

Alison S.
Staff Writer

As the new semester begins and students are starting to become accustomed to their new schedules, an important event is underway. Signing up for next year’s electives takes place from February 5-12, and it is imperative the students know exactly what the elective options are. Students have been given a list of elective options and are encouraged to talk to teachers to find out more about what is offered.electivesAS2

WHS has a variety of elective classes from which to choose. Ranging from music courses to food nutrition and wellness, Woodstock is bound to have something that interests every student. The fine arts department is one of the best around. Students interested in visual arts have a wide variety of art classes from which to choose. Visual arts, drawing, painting, and ceramics are all offered at WHS. It is recommended, but not required, for every first year art student to take visual arts before taking other art classes so students will have a basic understanding of the elements and principles. After visual arts, each of the other classes offered like Drawing and Painting I and II, Painting I and II, and Ceramics I, II, III, and IV will teach the student to be creative and explore his or her own artistic abilities. These semester-long classes are perfect for a different type of learning style in a vigorous academic schedule and also look good on college applications because they show that a student has taken the time to learn a new skill and express his or her creative side.  electivesAS

If working with paint and clay does not sound intriguing, maybe one should try a music class. Woodstock’s chorus is not only for talented singers but also for anyone looking to acquire the skill of singing. Senior Emily Shuman comments, “Chorus desperately needs boys to sign up! Anyone can take chorus because there are different levels offered, and it is really fun!” Those who join chorus are given the chance to perform at the school and other events during the year. If a student can play an instrument, he or she should consider joining Woodstock’s band. As a band member, one can expect to play at the football games in the fall and become immediate friends with close to 100 other people. Chorus and band are not the only musical classes offered at WHS. Along with these common courses, WHS also offers guitar, orchestra, and music theory as elective choices as well.

Another fine art offered at Woodstock is drama. Woodstock’s drama puts on fantastic plays every couple of months. Senior Amanda Fritsch explains, “Drama is the most relaxed yet exciting class! You learn how to talk, express, and create all in one class! I don’t know a reason why someone shouldn’t take drama!” Not only is drama offered as a class, but WHS also has a drama club for those who fall in love with the theatre.

Along with fine arts, Woodstock offers some entertaining courses including food nutrition and wellness, where one learns about the kitchen, restaurant business, and even how to cook a few delicious foods. In this class, a student should expect to prepare for and cook a small meal every week and learn several cooking techniques while doing so. Another fun class to take at WHS is the year-long introduction to law, public safety, corrections, and security. This class examines the basic concepts of law related to citizens’ rights and the responsibilities. Students who take this will receive instruction in critical skill areas including communicating with diverse groups, conflict resolution, ethics, CERT (Citizens Emergency Response Training, or similar program), basic firefighting, report writing, terrorism, and civil and criminal law. After this class is completed, students have the option to take criminal justice essentials and criminal investigations and forensics.

Although most students prefer to take stress-free electives, there are plenty of academic electives to choose from as well. Some of these classes include psychology, sociology, anthropology, Middle Eastern Studies, comparative religion, etc. One popular elective is US History through Film, which allows a student to learn the history of America by watching documentaries and movies. Teacher Kirk Scharich explains, “This class has always been a favorite because it is really relaxed, and every student enjoys watching movies.” These classes are a great way to take a break in one’s day and enjoy learning in a unique way.

Three media classes WHS offers are yearbook, WTV7, and newspaper. Yearbook is a yearlong class that gives students the chance to create Woodstock’s very own yearbook. In this class, one can expect to take pictures, interview students and staff, and create pages of the yearbook that students will treasure for years to come. Going from print to action, WTV7 is Woodstock’s news that is broadcast each Friday. In the elective, students will learn how to make a broadcast as well as several methods to make news channels interesting. Of course the best elective offered at WHS is newspaper. In this class, one can expect to write articles every month, interview students and staff, and peer-edit others’ work. One great aspect of newspaper is a student can write about whatever he or she wants. Newspaper is not only entertaining but also allows the student to enhance his or her writing techniques.

Although picking classes for next year is challenging, electives are something one should not have to stress out about. These electives, and plenty of others offered at WHS, are what make school enjoyable by giving the student the ability to choose what he or she wants to take.

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