It was the best of times; it was the worst of times: it was Valentine’s Day

Paige M.

Staff Writer

There are two mindsets people can have as the second month of the year approaches. Either people love February, or they absolutely despise it. This, based on their relationship status of the current time, can change every year. Why? February holds in its short number of days the holiday celebrating romance and love, or as sophomore Brennan Heyer likes to describe it: “a day to express your true feelings for the one person who always puts a smile on your face.” No matter what their perspective on the day is, it is difficult to fully escape the festivities being planned, the colors red and pink, and the excited murmur of Valentine’s Day plans and gifts.

No matter who the person is or where the person comes from, everybody knows that chocolate candies, giant teddy bears, and deep red roses are the most prominent symbols for Valentine’s Day. Although these seem to be the most traditional ways to show affection, many take a more modern approach to the day. Sophomore Madison Block shared that her boyfriend, Will Long, a junior, bought her a Pandora bracelet and that she bought him a sweatshirt and a bottle of cologne for Valentine’s Day last year. Another popular gift has become purchasing tickets to activities such as concerts and sporting events. This is something that a couple can enjoy together while having a fun night out.

These material and more expensive gifts are desired by some, but other people prefer less expensive gifts that require more thought and time. For example, sophomore Grant Witten said, “I personally think that simple, more creative gifts make the present more personal. I would much rather receive a nice gesture or a gift that we can both share.” Many people get ideas from Pinterest or other websites that help with people’s creativity for situations like these. Pinterest has many cute ideas, including fun ways to present the gift and also DIY ideas and crafts, such as a card deck decorated with the “52 Things I Love About You” idea. It does not matter what the gift is; those who receive something special on Valentine’s Day know that they are truly cared about by someone else. No matter if it is their boyfriend or their father who buys the flowers, it is still something to be extremely grateful for.

Every year there are the die-hard Valentine’s Day participants, and on the contrary, there are also the more negative viewers of the day. Whether the reasoning behind the pessimistic attitude is the absence of a boyfriend or girlfriend, or if the person just does not support the holiday in general, there are always the groups of people who dread February 14th. Sophomore Matthew Poirier said very blatantly, “Valentine’s Day sucks. It’s just an excuse for a girl to get roses and a teddy bear.” Kennedy Reeg, a senior, also follows his crestfallen attitude, saying, “Valentine’s day is a day to highlight how single you are while couples surround you with the typical combination of roses, chocolate, and oversized teddy bears.”

While some tend to feel negative about the day, others take the opportunity to spend their holiday with their family. When asked about her plans, Dr. Krista Webb, social studies teacher, said, “I will be babysitting my granddaughter on Valentine’s Day so that my son and his wife can go out. She will spend the night, and we will play Princess Castle, her favorite pastime at my house.” Family and friends play a key role in the holiday for many people. When plans fail and nights are lonely, there is nothing more comforting then a family member or a best friend to watch sappy movies and bake sweets with. Sophomore Kendle Flint said, “Every Valentine’s Day my mom gets me something sweet to brighten my day. Last year she got me a scarf and some jewelry.” Fathers also tend to give their daughters Valentine’s Day presents, for example a nice bouquet of flowers and a favorite candy. When all else fails on Valentine’ Day, family is always there.

No matter if people spend Valentine’s Day on a romantic date with their boyfriend or girlfriend, hanging out with their mom and dad, or watching chick flicks with their single friends and stuffing their faces with sympathy chocolate, they are bound to make memories and enjoy the time they have. Dr. Webb says, “It’s a day to celebrate those people in our lives that we love so much!” Therefore, remember the day is not just about romanticism, but also about being thankful for loving people, including friends and family who will always love unconditionally no matter what.

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