Ask Evie: The Senior Who Tells it Like it Is

Evie H.
Managing Editor

I can’t keep up!

Hey Evie, I have a question that has really been bothering me. Lately, I have not been doing so well on my tests, especially in my AP classes. I do not understand what I am doing wrong because I prepare for them so well (or so I thought). Could you give me any tips on how I could get my grades up?

Dear Overwhelmed Olivia: First things first…you need to breathe. Trust me, I understand the difficulty of being in tough classes, and most of the time, they do nothing but stress me out. Although they are beneficial, they are also rigorous. From what you tell me, it seems as if you are trying to keep your grades up, and it is good that you have that motivation! For me, in order to study for any test in general, I have to be in complete silence. If that does not work for you, try listening to soothing music that can help you focus. Turn off your phone and be completely immersed in your books because you cannot afford distraction. For AP classes, I cannot stress how important it is to make flash cards for every word your teacher says is important. Study those like there is no tomorrow. Review all of your notes and get a good night’s sleep. Most importantly, DO NOT CRAM! With these tips, you should do fine on your next test.

I need ideas!

                Your advice is needed, Evie! Prom is coming up, and I have no idea how to ask my girlfriend. I want her to feel special, yet I cannot afford to do something extremely extravagant. Do you have any ideas?

Dear Sean the Sweetheart: First of all, since you seem like a great boyfriend, you should be willing to do anything for your girlfriend. I understand that you do not have much money, so this idea should be perfect. Try making a YouTube video recording yourself asking her to prom. Then, you can get all of your friends to post the link to the video on Twitter. That way, she is bound to look at it if it is all she sees when she looks at her Twitter feed. Once she opens the video, she will feel special not only because you asked her in an adorable way, but also because all of her friends know how special she is to you, too.

Nervous about my future

                Evie, I need your advice. I am really stressing about college. I haven’t received my acceptances yet from the colleges I applied to, and I am worried that I will not get into any of them. I need ways to stop my stress. HELP ME!

Hello Anxious Abby: I hope I can help you out because you seem way too stressed! First of all, you need to take a few deep breaths and be patient. The letters will come in the mail. They did not forget about you, I promise. Personally, to relieve stress, I would take a hot bath and light some candles. Completely zone out of reality for a little while and allow your body to relax. Second, I would try doing some yoga. You would be surprised how much it helps. Not only does it relieve stress, but it is also a great workout. Above all, just do something you love. If you like to paint, sing, run, etc… do whatever you need to in order to forget about stressors even for a little while. Believe me, it will work. In the meantime, calm down!

Exercise motivation?

                Evie, what do I do? Spring Break is approaching so quickly, and I feel like I am out of shape. I know I should have started earlier, but I guess it is never too late. Plus, I am going to the beach over the break, and I just have no motivation to exercise. How can I start eating healthier and working out?

Dear Hopeful Hannah, you can do it! The key to getting in shape is motivation. First and foremost, I would let your friends and family know what you are doing so that they can encourage you and maybe join you in your efforts. Second, do not starve yourself. Eat within portion size, and do not overeat. Cut out fast food. Third, do some cardio! Whether it is running, hiking, biking, dancing, etc, get yourself up and move your body. If it makes it any easier, try doing something you love. Sign up for a new class in your community. Try anything new. Just make sure that whatever it is, it will help you obtain the goals that you are trying to reach. Stick to your plan, eat right, exercise, and do not give up! I promise you will see results.

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