Hello, doctor: the new Dr. Webb

Casey H.

Staff Writer

You would be hard-pressed to find a student in Woodstock who has not been touched by Dr. Krista Webb in some way, and it showed through the sign that hung from her board the Monday students returned from their two-week February break. It read, “Congratulations, Dr. Webb!” and, in case someone was not sure if the accomplishment was true or not, more signs were scattered throughout the room, reading “Dr. Webb” in fancy letters. Dr. Webb, one of the beloved teachers at Woodstock, successfully defended her dissertation (a paper that a doctoral candidate must defend in front of a committee in order to obtain his or her doctorate) and has now earned the title she has been waiting for.
Dr. Webb has been at WHS for sixteen years, and for most of that time has been teaching AP World History to sophomores and AP US History to juniors. She went so far as to implement the AP World History course at Woodstock, which has grown to be one of the most loved classes for many students. “I have always loved social studies,” Dr. Webb explained. Her love for what she teaches is evident to all of her students, from their joy in her class to their exceptional AP exam scores.
Her teaching skills are also evident to the school board. In her 21 years of teaching, Dr. Webb has been graced with many awards. Here at Woodstock, she has claimed the Teacher of the Year award, as well as the Star Teacher (which parallels the Star Student) award. She has also proven herself on a county level, winning the same Teacher of the Year and Star Teacher awards for all of Cherokee County. To top it all off, our own Dr. Webb has been recognized on a national level, winning the Daughters of the Revolution’s History Teacher of the Year award. To anyone who has ever been taught by Dr. Webb, none of this is all that surprising.
According to Dr. Webb, if one were to add up all the time spent researching, writing, and citing, her dissertation took her about three years to write. It was on the use of literacy in social studies courses, similar to the outside reading novels and inner-outer circles of her AP World and US History classes. The main focus of the paper was the interpretation of written work, mostly historical fiction and nonfiction, as well as the interpretation of primary sources, which her students use when they do document-based questions and A&Os. “A doctorate has always been in the back of my mind,” Dr. Webb explained. “And the topic definitely came from my love of social studies.”
Over the course of the three years spent slaving over her thesis, Dr. Webb tells of many who assisted her on her journey towards doctor-hood. Her professor at school was one of the most helpful people towards her paper, and she says that many administrators and teachers in the Cherokee County School District were also very beneficial to her dissertation. One of these teachers was Ms. Rhonda Cowart, an AP Government and AP US History teacher, who says of Dr. Webb, “[She] is one of the most dedicated teachers I know. She cares about her students and cares about her content. She definitely worked hard for her doctorate, which she did in addition to teaching two AP classes, being department head, and making sure everyone met state standards, all while being a wife, mother, grandmother, and daughter.” Ms. Cowart is not the only person that has taken note of Dr. Webb’s ability.
Dr. Webb has made many friends in her sixteen years teaching at Woodstock. She has taught – and touched – hundreds of students that have had the pleasure of taking her class. “She is very delightful and pleasant to be around,” says sophomore Mackenzie Senger. Other sophomores Paula Ruiz, Kendall Alsup, Justin Heimreil, Jr. Beltran, and Connor Booz paid Dr. Webb compliments such as “She’s a very intelligent person,” “She’s very fair,” and “She’s awesome!” even going so far as to call her a “southern gentlewoman.” Tenth grader Jonathan Lauer says of Dr. Webb and her getting her doctorate, “She is a very good teacher and a really nice person. It is exciting that she has gotten her doctorate.” These opinions are shared with the other students who have been a part of Dr. Webb’s classes.
A doctorate is one of the highest academic honors anyone can earn, and every bit of it is deserved. One often has to work for years on the dissertation, and defending it in front of a panel of veteran judges is no easy feat. There’s something special about the name Dr. Webb. It implies intelligence, sure; all such titles do. However, it also represents dedication to her area of study and adds yet another bullet point to her long list of accomplishments. Getting such an honored title is a major accomplishment, so next time you pass her room, why don’t you drop in and say hello to the newly christened Dr. Webb?

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