For all of the hungry Towne Lakers

Autumn R.

Staff Writer

Listen up people of Towne Lake! Sick and tired of eating at McDonalds, Jump Kitchen, or La Parilla? Well, there is good news for all people of Towne Lake. Two new restaurants are opening up on Towne Lake Parkway. Has the excitement hit yet? Most people think, “What is ttlp2-arhe big deal? TLP already has a ton of restaurants.” This statement may be true, but TLP is lacking one huge money maker in the restaurant business.
There are already a plethora of restaurant options to pick from on TLP, but most are fast food places. McDonalds, Taco Bell, Chick fil a, Long John Silvers, and Zaxby’s are all in close proximity to one another on TLP. Those are great places to eat when someone is on the go, but what about sitting down and eating? The options are endless, including La Parilla, Johnny’s, Jump Kitchen, Papa P’s, Longhorn, Tuscany and Chili’s. Now, that may sound like plenty of choices, but something very important is missing from that list: family appropriate sports bar restaurant.
People of all ages can enjoy sports bars. From friends sitting at the bar watching the game to little children coloring pictures while waiting on their food, all are welcome in a sports bar atmosphere. Towne Lake is a hub for many residents commuting to work, close to 5,000 high school students between Etowah and Woodstock, and limitless neighborhoods filled with families. By Towne Lake Parkway opening up two sports bars, Game Day and Marco’s Pizza, the money coming in will not disappoint the people of Towne Lake.
Game DayTLP3-ar Bar and Grille had its grand opening last month and has been off to a booming start. Senior Madison McCabe comments, “I went with my boyfriend to check it out, and the atmosphere was great, and so was the food.” The atmosphere is not rowdy, and the staff does everything to maintain a positive vibe. Music is playing, and there are widescreen TV’s for entertainment, live music on the weekends, and an outside area to dine. The staff is polite and fun at the same time. The food choices include classic burgers, wings, salads, chicken tenders, sandwiches and more. Game Day can appeal to the younger crowd during football or baseball season as well as to local sports teams coming in and have a good meal and a fantastic time. Go check it out! It is located across from Etowah High School and in the same strip as the Marietta Diner.
Less than a mile away, Marco’s Pizza is opening. The Marco’s Pizza chain has finally reached Towne Lake! Because of all its rave reviews and constant buzz at the Sixes Road location, the owners decided to open another restaurant on TLP. It will be opening on April 14th, 2014, and is located next to Palm Beach Tan and L.A. Fitness. Senior Kendall Gamble comments, “My family drives to Sixes just to get Marco’s, and we are so happy that there will now be one up the street.” This location will be three times bigger than the Sixes location and will include a bar. There will be many places to sit and have more of a sports bar feel than the location on Sixes. Senior Lauren Nielly comments, “My family and I order pizza from Marco’s like every week, and having one on TLP is going to be awesome.” They will still be delivering pizzas but serving more people. Marco’s offers pizza, bread, wings, cheezybread, meatball bake, subs, chicken dippers, and salads. They have all the toppings one can dream of, even including steak and anchovies. The prices are not too expensive, and reviews say that the food is worth the money. There will be televisions and a lively atmosphere for customers. The staff will interact with the customers and make sure that they get the best service possible.
Towne Lake is a hub for all types of choices to eat and enjoy entertainment. Now that there are two new incredible sports bars opening up, people are extremely excited. If there is a craving for burgers, go to Game Day! Craving super good pizza and wings? Go to Marco’s Pizza! Neither will disappoint.

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