All the Prom Essentials

Alexa R.

Staff Writer

Every year prom rolls around, and no one seems prepared because most students have a procrastinating problem. Students become stressed out and end up doing all the essentials last minute. There are ways to avoid getting behind and also get everything paid for on time. Staying on top of the game is always the answer, and listening to the committee at school who plans the prom will give insight needed to meet deadlines.

This year prom is aprom 1t the 755 Club in the Braves Stadium on May 17th. Ms. Julie Cassidy, SGA adviser, chose this venue because she likes the size and the beautiful atmosphere highlighting the stadium in the background. Needless to say, students have to pay for this luxurious venue. Prom tickets were originally sold for $60 at the beginning of the year, increasing an additional $5 each month through March; tickets are now being sold for $85. Those looking for discounts on prom tickets may bring in baseballs and wooden baseball bats to Ms. Cassidy, who says, “We plan on using them for decorations in the 755 Club.”

After buying tickets, prom goes must decide what to wear. For a guy, the choice is obvious: a nice tux, which can be rented from any prom or bridal store, paired with a vest or tie that matches the dress of one’s date. For girls, finding the perfect dress is the most important and difficult part of this whole prom process. Some stores include Cici’s of Rome, A Formal Occasion, and Impression Bridal in Kennesaw, or A Formal Affair and Bravura in Roswell. While some students started looking for prom dresses before Christmas break, stores are continually getting new dresses during the prom season, and that next shipment could hold a girl’s dream dress. Hannah Jenkins, senior, said, “I work at a bridal store that also sells prom dresses, and I always get first pick when new dresses come in, but I normally just wait until the last minute to make sure I get the dress I know I really want.” Feeling comfortable in what one wears is a huge part of looking great since confidence is beauty.

Waiting too long to get everything done can have its downfalls. Most all dresses need alterations or at least some hemming unless one is a naturally tall girl who has the perfect heighted shoes, and one’s dress fits like a glove. That typically never happens because everyone is shaped differently and needs a few adjustments. Alterations can be backed up really late because most shops require appointments, and then they keep the dress for a week or two and make all the adjustments then. When picking a dress, think about the costs of alterations, varying from the store you go to, in addition to the price of around $200-600 as well, because if the dress needs an ample amount of work done, chances are one could find an even better dress with fewer changes required.

Another task to complete in a reasonable time is making dinner reservations. If a group does not call in advance, they could end up late to prom because of how long they had to wait for their dinner table. Pick a place according to how many people are going together. If there is a large group, call ahead (It is best to do this a month in advance.) and make sure the restaurant can accommodate the reservation Remember that it can take quite a while for everyone to order, eat, and then pay the bills, so students should give themselves a good two hours for dinner prior to the time they want to arrive at the prom venue.

How does one show up to prom? Well for one, boys better pick up their dates and not expect girls to drive them to the dance. They need to be gentlemen for their ladies and make sure they ride in style, whether they find a group of friends to go with or just take their Dad’s car and drive into downtown together. “My group of friends likes to take a party bus to prom so we get to dance and have fun before we even get to the dance,” says senior Briana Reginelli. Whatever the preference, make sure to have fun and look good doing it.

Although there are many tasks to remember in preparation for prom, it is a fun time that students will remember forever. Do not stress about what needs to get done because situations will work out even if they do not go as planned. Dinner, the outfit, and paying for it all are the main responsibilities to focus on but can all be done with ease.

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