Ask Evie: The senior who tells it like it is

Evie H.

Managing Editor

I have so much to do!

Dear Evie: This year I have started getting a ton of homework, and my sport and activity schedule is getting in the way. I am missing a couple homework assignments, and I’m afraid as the year comes to a close, my grades will be affected. I’m usually a really good student. I just don’t know what to do.

Dear Stressed Sammy: Good for you for recognizing that you need help. Recognizing there is a problem is the first step to fixing it. It is prodigious that you are reaching out for help. An important skill that you learn throughout high school is time management and organization. The first thing that you should do is talk to your parent, your teacher, your coach, or someone else who can help you with your problem. You need to prioritize, and if skipping a practice is necessary, then go ahead. Another option that you could try is if you feel you have one sport/activity that you do not enjoy, you can always either postpone or drop until you learn to manage your time better. In the beginning of the week, you should plan out your activity schedule and decide where your homework and study time will go. You just need to remember that school ALWAYS comes first.

I want to be honest with my friend!

Evie, I need your help! My friend just got a new haircut, and it doesn’t look very attractive. She keeps asking what I think. I don’t want to lie to her, but I also don’t want to hurt her feelings. What should I say? What should I do? Help!

Dear Honest Hannah: Hair is something that you cannot change in an instant. You don’t want to tell her that you hate it and have her walk around feeling bad about herself. You should tell her that you like it. Then when it grows out, tell her that you didn’t mind her haircut, but it wasn’t the one for her. Maybe suggest a new cute haircut or going back to the way it was before. Always be kind and considerate, especially when the person cannot change it. If she cannot control it, she will feel bad about herself until it finally changes.

I don’t want to leave my friend!

Evie, I have a question. Recently, my best friend and I got accepted into the same college, yet we both are not sure that being roommates is the best device for our friendship. Both of our parents think it would be better if we met new people, but we also do not want to split apart forever. She is such a good friend, and I could not imagine losing her. What should I do?

Dear Perplexed Penelope: This is definitely a tough situation. What I can tell you is that rooming with your best friend can either make your bond stronger or completely tear the two of you apart. If you are having doubts, than I would not even think twice about it. Besides, college is all about making new memories and starting a fresh chapter in your lives. You can still remain close with your best friend without living together. If anything, try living in the same dorm facility, but not necessarily the same dorm room.

I want to do something memorable with my friends!

Dear Evie: College is fast approaching, and I really want to do something sweet with my friends as a whole before we all go off to our separate schools. I was thinking that I could make everyone something, but that would take forever because there are almost twenty of us. I just really want everyone to have something special to take with them for college. Any ideas?

To Thoughtful Tiffany: Yes, I have the perfect idea! I think that the entire group of your friends should get together and have professional pictures made of all of you. You can all wear a white dress and buy little flags with the name of the school you are going to on them. Then, the pictures can be taken of all of you, and you will all have something to frame in your dorm room. These pictures would definitely be memorable.


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