Activities to do in the summer other than sleep

Paige M.

Staff Writer

Typically, as soon as school is released at the end of May, students turn off their brains and spend their time sleeping until noon, tanning by the pool, and doing absolutely nothing worthwhile with their time. Boredom and laziness can be easily avoided by knowing some of the activities that are going on nearby that are affordable, fun, and productive!

One of the many activities around Atlanta this summer is featured movie nights at Atlantic Station. These begin May 15th and occur every Thursday until August 7th. The movies start at dusk, and admission is free. This is a great way to spend time with friends and family without spending a fortune. Movies range from Frozen to Crazy Stupid Love, so no matter the person’s age, he or she can enjoy a movie under the stars on a nice summer evening. Bring a blanket and some money for snacks. People could even go explore Atlantic Station a little earlier in the evening and grab a bite to eat or go shopping before the festivities start. To see the particular dates and movies playing, visit This is a laid back way to spend time in the summer and a fun activity to do to get out of the house!

Another activity that msummer-PMany students seem to enjoy is Six Flags and White Water. These two amusement parks can be expensive for a single visit, but for an exceptional value, consider purchasing a season pass and going frequently throughout the summer; it is an exciting way to pass the time while getting the unmistakable thrill of riding some of the best rides in the country. Grace Timm, a sophomore, said, “I went to Six Flags all the time last year. Although it seems childish, I love rides, and I loved going with a group of friends. It’s a great way to spend a day, and afterwards you’re exhausted from all the excitement!” Six Flags is currently open on weekends and will fully open all week long on May 23rd. Hours vary for the different days, but the schedule is online for people who are interested in visiting. Special events also occur at the park, including fireworks, raves/concerts, and many charity events.

Staying closer to home, a local nighttime activity is the Woodstock concert serieswhich has always been a very popular occurrence in Downtown Woodstock. Concerts are free, and admission begins at 7:30 p.m. on the second Saturday of the month beginning in May and ending in September. These concerts are family-friendly and feature infamous bands such as Joe Diffie, Molly Ringwalds, The Jets, Kentucky Headhunters, and Swingin’ Medallions. The concerts occur right in the heart of historic Downtown Woodstock in front of the aquatic center, and people set up blankets and chairs all the way to the gazebo. Beforehand concert goers can enjoy some dinner at one of the many delicious restaurants nearby, such as Canyons, Pure, Firestone, Century House, among others. They can also enjoy the shopping around town in stores such as Dress Up, Rak Outfitters, Brooklyns, and other popular stores. These concerts are a laid back, enjoyable way to spend a Saturday night.

Another activity to explore this summer is a trip to Blue Ridge. Though not as easy to fit in a daily schedule like a Downtown Woodstock concert, it is still an adventurous way to spend a day or two. The drive is only about an hour and leads to tubing down the river, visiting apple orchards, and even to a popular drive-in movie. This trip would depend on transportation, but no matter if ventured with a few friends and some parents, or just with family, everyone is guaranteed a great time! Tubing is a cheap, yet fun way to get some sun and spend some time in the water. There are many tubing facilities in Blue Ridge, but some go as cheap as $5 to rent a tube. Also consider kayaking; though a little more expensive than tubing, it is a fun way to make one’s way down the river. The apple orchards in the area are full of delicious treats such as fresh apple pastries, homemasummer- PMde apple cider, and other goodies such as caramel apples. The drive-in movie theater called “The Swan” is a suitable activity for afterwards. It takes visitors back in time and provides them with an experience of a lifetime. One can either purchase a single or a double featured movie, with the theater showing movies that are still in theaters or have just been released. To get the sound to the movie, cars tune in to a particular radio station. Many people stay in their trunks and truck beds, while others bring chairs and blankets to use next to their cars. Admission is $7 for adults and $4 for kids. Concessions are available and include fried Oreos, popcorn, and funnel cakes. People can also bring their own treats and drinks in the comfort of their own cooler. Meghan Pierce, a sophomore, states, “I go to Blue Ridge once every summer, and I have the time of my life. In all, I spend about $30 doing everything, but it’s completely worth it. The drive-in is the best part.” This activity never fails to entertain!

Summer reading, working, and hanging out by the pool are also relaxing ways to spend time in the summer. Lake days, exercise, spending time with friends, and other simple activities like these will be successful in keeping teens busy throughout the summer on ordinary days. There are so many new and exciting pastimes to keep people busy during the summer, so have fun, catch up on some sleep (but not too much!), and get the full experience out of the summer!

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