The Amazing Spider-Man 2: SPOILER ALERT

Austin B.

Managing Editor

Spider-Man is a comic that has captivated readers since its first appearance in August of 1962. After decades of fan support, movies began to be made about the web-slinging hero, and the fan reaction was unbelievable. The original Spider-Man movies that featured Toby McGuire as Peter Parker were good, but many hero-fanatics agree that The Amazing Spider-Man movie franchise is even better.

In The Amazing Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield, who plays in The Social Network and Never Let Go, plays the role of Peter Parker, a typical, smart teenage guy who is picked on in his Manhattan high school. Peter’s scientific interests and a crush on Gwen Stacy, played by Emma Stone (Easy A and The Help), drive him to visit a massive research corporation called Oscorp. While visiting, he is bitten by a spider, which was the subject of many experiments. Due to the extensive experimentation done on the spider, it is able to give Peter all of the abilities of a spider to the proportion of a human, such as strength; for example, if a spider can lift one pound, and a human is 100 times larger than a spider, Peter would be able to lift 100 pounds with ease (not actual scale). The spider bite also gives him the ability to stick to and crawl up walls like a spider. Motivated by the murder of his Uncle Ben, Peter creates a vigilante costume and web-shooters that shoot webs with extreme strength.

From this stem, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was created. In this movie, Peter Parker has two adversaries: Max Dillon/Electro, played by Jamie Foxx (Django Unchained and White House Down), and Harry Osborn/Green Goblin, played by Dane DeHaan (Chronicle and Lawless). Electro is the product of Max being electrocuted, then falling into a tank full of genetically mutated electric eels. Harry Osborn is Peter’s childhood best friend who was sent to boarding school for most of his life; because of this, when the two guys reunite, Harry is unaware that Peter is Spider-Man. Harry Osborn becomes Green Goblin when he inherits the family disease that killed his father. After his body begins to change with the disease’s development, he begins to believe that the only thing that can save him is Spider-Man’s blood, and when Spider-Man denies him, he craves to kill the masked vigilante.

Throughout the fighting, many computer-generated images (CGIs) are used. Like most super-hero movies, this movie contains many explosions, capsized cars, and other damages that would severely defect the usefulness of the city. Since Manhattan cannot afford to rebuild from real damages, the film team must create these images in a different way: computerized images. When Spider-Man first finds Electro, they are in Times Square. During the first confrontaASM2 2 ABtion, the buildings surrounding Times Square have their glass broken, structures electrocuted, and exteriors webbed; this is due to CGIs. The CGIs in the first battle look impressively realistic. The special effects also looked genuine when Spider-Man fights with Green Goblin in a clock tower, where gears are being tossed around and Spider-Man is attempting to fight his best friend and save his girlfriend. Overall, the ability of the film-makers to create such realistic special effects was astonishing. Another very memorable feature of the movie was the acting.

The acting in the movie was intriguing. Previously, Toby McGuire had played the role of Peter Parker; however, Andrew Garfield fits the role much better. Unlike McGuire, Garfield is able to pull off the picked-on and somewhat defenseless high school student. Peter Parker is a quiet student, one who is quite intelligent, yet is average in school, and many Spider-Man fans see that more in Garfield than McGuire, because Garfield could act more awkward and less confident than McGuire could. Also in the movie, Jamie Foxx is an ace of an actor. Foxx plays Max Dillon/Electro. Max Dillon is a character similar to Peter Parker, because he is a somewhat quiet and unnoticed figure in Oscorp, the only difference being that Dillon is very charismatic. Foxx does a “marvel”ous job of capturing that role. Foxx’s ability to express the many different emotions of Max Dillon is captivating. Also, Emma Stone takes on the role of Spider-man’s love interest, Gwen Stacy, who is very intelligent. Stone became very talented in sounding brainy through her lines, as she often had to recite different serums and chemicals. Finally, Dane DeHaan becomes Peter’s childhood friend, Harry Osborn. DeHaan was very impressive in the role of Harry and even more remarkable as the Green Goblin. Throughout the movie, DeHaan had to play a character who was suffering from a disease for which a cure had not been discovered, so he was in agony. DeHaan was, unlike most actors, very capable of feigning sickness and pain without seeming to be faking it. Also, when he became Green Goblin, he had perfected the decrepit smile and horrifying laugh that the role required; with this intimidating combination, along with some very well done make-up, DeHaan amazed viewers.

The teens of today who grew up on the fantasy world of Spider-Man movies will be awe-stricken by the next edition of the movies. Between the captivating effects and the perfect cast, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a must see!

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