Woodstock’s Year in a Nutshell

Alexa R.

Staff Writer


As this year comes to a close,

We begin to dwell on the year’s biggest moments:

From big wins against foes

To national recognitions among students.


We cherish this time

Of varsity girls basketball taking home the championship

And struggled on the climb

To beat our rival, Etowah, in football.


The goods and the bads

All make up our implausible year,

Making students’ senior ads

And fighting off the snowpocalypse of 2014.


Falling behind in the curriculum

Found us rushing to learn the glut of material;

Trying to beat the system,

Teachers brought us in on weekends for extra practice.


Sam Mixon and Madison Tank,

Two seniors who made remarkable actions,

Sam getting CCSD Star Student and Madison getting bank

As she brought in a scholarship from VFW.


Making a perfect score on her ACT,

Rachel Steppe did the nearly impossible,

The 36 that holds the key

To giving her countless opportunities.


The swim team went in the season with full force,

Alari Lopez winning 5th at the state meet for 100 fly.

Swimming all the laps making the course,

Lauren Case became the AAAAAA state champion for 200 freestyle.


Some people have a few bad memories.poem-ar

Alec Monroe lost his car to a sinkhole.

Senioritis needed a remedy,

And the student faculty basketball game was on hold.


Woodstock’s wrestling team qualified for state,

Beating out ten other schools.

Concert band had their yearly review to date,

And brought home all superiors.



The year brought laughs and tears:

Laughing at drama’s play Into the Woods,

Crying from happiness as the snowpocalypse clears,

Crying from sadness as we walked away in defeat of football season.


Each year we walk away

Heading into the summer.

Some of the students stay;

Seniors head to college.


Never forgetting one’s roots,

They head into the world,

Taking every bit of pursuit

One learned at Woodstock High School.

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