It’s been a Great Four Years, Woodstock High

Evie H.

Managing Editor

As the year comes to a close and classes come to an end, it is time to address the underclassmen as well as say goodbye to teachers and peers. It has been a remarkable four years, a chunk of time that all of us will surely remember. Through the laughs, the fights, and even the heartache, we seniors have come out alive. We have made it. Another legacy has passed through Woodstock High School, and might I say, this class is definitely the ‘C14SSIEST.’ Before we pass the torch to those ever-hopeful juniors, I have some advice for those who will still be at WHS next year and some farewell words for my fellow senior class.

Seniors: Wow, it is unbelievable to think that we will all be off to college in two months time. Although not all of us have decided to take the college route, many of us will be starting jobs, entering the military, or maybe starting their own business. Wherever we end up after graduation is where we begin our lives. No more eight-hour, five-days-a-week classes. We will experience more freedom, but with more freedom, comes more responsibility. We will now be expected to get groceries, clean, and yes, do laundry on our own. It is almost as if our parents have pushed us out of the nest without teaching us how to fly. We have become so accustomed to the day-to-day life that we live in high school that leaving our comfort zone seems terrifying, but never fear, it will all be just fine.

Not only are many of us leaving the serenity of our homes, but we are meeting new friends. That is not to say that you will not keep the friends you made throughout your schooling career. Those who want to keep in touch will keep in touch. You just have to remember that starting a new chapter in your life invites fresh faces to come into your life as well. You now have time to meet new people, to create new memories, and to share laughs with those you will see for the next four years. If there is one thing I can say before I leave, it is definitely to keep in touch with the close circle of true friends that you made in high school. Those are the ones who you will call on the first day when you have not made any friends yet and are scared that college is not what is right for you. Take a deep breath. It is just the first day, the first day of many.

Also, there is so much to be said about what we have learned over the past four years. Yes, we have learned how to pointlessly graph a parabola and how to decipher what an author probably did not mean from a text, but we also learned a great deal about ourselves. We learned what it takes to be an athlete, a good friend, and a superb student. We learned how to take responsibility and get certain projects done before a deadline (ahem, senior project). Aside from learning the basics about ourselves, we learned a lot about what it takes to succeed in the future. We set aside our childish ways and learned that we were about to embark on an entirely new journey in our lives. The jungle called the real world was about to be set upon us. We did not have time for immaturity; it was time to grow up.

Now, for the juniors, those of you who are taking the reigns from us lovely seniors, it is time to step up to the plate. We are not giving you the controls without a few words of advice. Regarding senior project, choose something easy, and when I say easy, I mean doable. Do not pick a career you are not interested in because you will most likely not get it done. I suggest food critic or movie critic; that goes without saying. Second, do not take the whole ‘senior’ thing to the next level. Yes, you are the king of the school for the time being, but do not let it get to your head because before you know it, you will be a freshman again. Most importantly, do not take this last year for granted. Do everything you wanted to do. Spend time with your friends and make memories this coming year that you will take with you for the rest of your life. Do not forget to live it up and make it the best, class of 2015.

As I type my closing words, it is hard thinking this is my last newspaper article I will write as a high school student. I have been in this class for three years, and none of my articles have meant as much to me as this one. I just have one main thing to say: seniors, wherever you may end up come fall, do not lose yourself in the status quo. Continue to follow your heart and to do what you believe in. That was one thing I never regretted from high school. I always listened to my heart before my head because although it may seem hard, you will take more from it. You will make mistakes, but do not let them get you down. You are the class of 2014. We are the class of 2014, and there is no one stopping us.

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