IOS8: The world anticipates what is next from Apple

Lauren C.

Staff Writer

Coming soon to Apple users will be yet another update to their devices: iOS8. This fall following their usual release pattern, Apple is bringing users what they promise to be “the biggest iOS release ever” to provide the most up-to-date technology. In their words, “Each enhancement has a purpose. Every new feature deserves to be a new feature. Each function is more considered, each next step is more efficient. It all adds up to an even better experience.” It seems as though this update will change the iPhone, iPad, or Mac experience drastically.

Last fall, the current operating system, iOS7, was released. Junior Emma Gilbert described the update as making her iPhone “both easier to use, and much faster.” The update came with a variety of new features and most notably a new look to the device with brighter colors and a crisper design. WHS junior Megan Moore commented that her favorite feature from the iOS7 update was the new camera filters, such as transfer, mono, and fade, which changed the photography aspect of the phone entirely. With all these features, many people wonder what is next for the iOS system.

While the iOS7 update was highly discussed, the new version to come seems to be happening with less hype. What more could this operating system need? Gilbert suggests that more filters on the camera would be a great addition. Moore hopes that this version does not take as long to download as the last one. Besides minor changes, not much is expected out of Apple with this new release. highlights the features to come, with the most major ones appearing to be the ability to link data between multiple Apple devices of one user, as well as a new lock feature on apps, and a health-oriented app to track calories.

IOS8 pic2Some people do not think the new features are necessary. When asked whether locking applications will be a useful tool for her, anatomy teacher Laura Cox, said, “No. It’s a nice idea, but it will be a pain to have to re-enter a password that I will probably forget.” However, it may come in handy for those who do not want others to have access to certain applications that they would like to keep more private. Junior Catherine Moreau says, “I can’t wait to lock my Twitter app so that my little brother can’t get on there!”  Junior Mary Leigh Williams also agreed. This feature is appealing to many, but the fitness feature is getting Apple users even more excited.

The new health feature, which promises an easy-to-access dashboard that compiles all the many fitness applications available to users, seems to harbor positive anticipation. “As an athlete, this app will help me keep track of my nutrition and activity throughout my season. It sounds great,” says Moreau. With all the new health trends and obsessions in society today, it was only a matter of time before the technology company responded with an update to this aspect of the phone. No longer are the days of opening multiple apps to track fitness and health: it is now a one-stop shop for Apple users. Apple has found yet another way to ease the lives of their customers. While many features are drawing in users, there is of course another side to the situation.

Not all people are enthusiastic about yet another phone update, like 10th grade literature teacher Ms. Ashley Mize, who says she hates phone updates. “I feel like they take too much time,” says Ms. Mize, “and I see very little notable differences.” With the last update, it was somewhat of a joke as to how long the update would take. For some, it took upwards of 30 minutes, while for others it was an all-day event.  With the excessive download time of the update, and the room in the storage of the device that it requires, many put it off for weeks before updating.

For some, all the complicated advances are not anticipated. “The most important features on my iPhone are texting, phone calls, weather, and social media,” says Ms. Cox, who is concerned that basic features are not getting updated enough. For most users, it is about the simple features, such as texting and calling, which seem to be getting very few updates this time around. More updates are due for the complex sides of the operating system. For an example, iCloud, which is a storage unit accessible by all devices, will now have the ability to be shared amongst family members. For example, if a mother takes some photos on an occasion and would like to put them somewhere other family members could access them, this would be an option. Less notable updates also include more complex options for app developers and more complex calendar and email functions, which will mostly be notable to businessmen and women.

Overall, the update to come this fall will include a wide variety of minor updates. It is anticipated by some and dreaded by others, mixed feelings that one would expect with any new item to come. Come soon, the Apple world will yet again have the option to update themselves or stay in the past. Let the countdown begin.


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