US under heat after Russian sanctions

Chase M.

Staff Writer

Obviously the world has heard of the Cold War in history class, but is it on the verge to another one?  Russia has already caused unrest with the whole Ukraine situation.  Now that President Obama and Vladimir Putin have recently waged economic sanctions against each other, it is clear they do not like each other. Russia is becoming a bully by taking over the southern region of a self-sustaining, independent country like Ukraine.  Economic sanctions aimed at changing their behavior have resulted in the reciprocation of sanctions against the United States and most of the European Union.  It is likely that Russia will suffer civil unrest and possibly terrorist attacks by separatists because of the actions of their government.

Natural gas may be affected as the cause of the sanctions. “Russia has made more natural gas than oil,” said Coach Sam Hunt, WHS English teacher and soccer coach.  This gives Russia a ton of clout in Europe because the country provides a large amount of gas for heating and industrial use.  As winter approaches, oil could have a major impact on the ability of Europeans to heat their homes, as Europeans will not be able to afford the rise in natural gas. This could also curtail industrial use of natural gas and affect employment.

Russia’s international banking has also been affected by the sanctions that Europe and the United States have20140828_114926 on them. America and Europe have frozen the assets and abilities of Russia. The United States and Europe have imposed restrictions on Russia that affect its ability to do international banking.  Russia has retaliated by imposing restriction of food imports.  This will cause certain items to disappear from store shelves in Russia, such as apples that come from Poland, with whom Russia has a long and bloody history. Just this year Poland has become amicable with Russia, making the relations extremely fragile. If the relationship is broken, then Poland will come out swinging. In relation, the Polish apple industry is already launching a campaign to sell its apples at home as Freedom Apples. If Poland is already under the stress, will the US be next?

Some say that the Cold War has already started while others think it is politics as usual. Is Russia America’s friend?  Russia helped the US get the chemical weapons out of Syria so the government would not use them against their own people.  They have also helped the United States build a nuclear agreement with Iran, a longtime foe and arch enemy, but will all the fictional first person shooters like those in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare trilogy come true? Many politicians believe America is already in a cold war, but what will happen when we heat it up? The American people need to check into reality and see what the world is really like. Hillary Clinton has already compared Vladimir Putin to Hitler saying he is just going to keep taking over countries; this comment will definitely create arguments between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin. As the people have already seen US sanctions against Russia, what will they see next?

So what about war? Would Americans stay here if war with Russia is unavoidable?  Junior Tyler Perry says, “America is the best country in the world; let’s stay here.” That is true American spirit, but the fact of the matter is that thousands of people in fear of a nuclear fallout will leave the US if the cold war progresses. Haley O’Toole, sophomore world history student, says, “Americans will more than likely go to Ireland; nothing bad ever happens there.”  This could lead the US to instability and fear of what is coming. In reality, Americans do not believe war with Russia is coming soon, and many Americans are not aware of what is going on in the Ukraine.  As with Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, most people would have difficulty finding the country on a world map. Let us just hope it does not get too cold.

As people have seen, a cold war may be inevitable at this point, but why? What is this for? Most of the world believes that Russia is being a bully, trying to get their way like the elementary school kid at recess. Maybe they do not know what they are doing, but maybe, just maybe, there is a point behind all of this, and Russia is just trying to do what is best for the former Russian people living in Ukraine. Russia would not just invade another country, shoot down a civilian plane, and take on harsh economic sanctions without something obvious to gain, would they?

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