Maddie O.

Staff Writer

Over the years, social media has been the biggest uproar on the internet. Every week there is a new app being advertised or a new internet personnel appearing. The world has come to know the big names for these social media factors that include Tumblr, Twitter, 8Tracks, Vine, Instagram, and YouTube. Believe it or not, many people have become famous from these websites, and we call them internet personnel. This brings about the question, “Why is social media so important today?’’

Social media is a binding concept, as it can bring people together. There are email pin pals, instant messaging, and Snapchat. ‘’I only use social media for Facebook. I like to keep in contact with my friends from high school or family,’’ says Coach Anita Dodd, lacrosse and volleyball and health teacher. Around the world, people meet each other from near and far. People often keep in touch with friends and family via social networking sites. Even people find relationships online from dating websites. Enjoyment can be found on so many levels. ‘’Social media is enjoyable because it gives me something to occupy myself, and it’s entertainiSnack Crisis MB2ng,’’ says Katlyn Lawrence, sophomore. Everyone needs an escape; therefore they turn to social media. ‘’Social media gives me a distraction from school. When I get home, I know that I can just go on Twitter or something, and I’ll find something instantly that is funny,’’ says Abbey Barrett, sophomore.

Social media is growing by the second, and every hour millions of photos and videos are being uploaded for the world to see. A catchy trend that has been rapidly growing is music sharing. Music sharing apps like 8Tracks, SoundCloud, Pandora, and Spotify have been very useful for listening to music. There are extraordinary playlists made every day by people all around the world, allowing users to make discoveries ranging from a band in the UK all the way to an Australian rapper. Strange, right? People have also discovered different genres or have found that they enjoy music from the past century. With these apps, people have been thrown together by the love for the same genre or by a creation of a playlist on these application.

The internet is an incredible place and filled with interesting people. Internet personnel are becoming the new idols for the youth of the world. ‘’My favorite personnel would probably have to be Cameron Dallas, who is hot, and I’m not Savanna, who is a hilarious Viner,’’ says Camryn Litke, sophomore. Those wanting to know the latest in make-up and fashion may turn to YouTube. ‘’My favorite personnel would be Zoella; she’s a great YouTuber. Her vlogs are always on point,’’ says Kylie Warrix, sophomore. Zoella’s beauty vlogs have become an inspiration to millions of teen girls.

The internet personnel are a definite draw, but there is much more that makes the media so irresistible. Is it the goofy text posts, artsy pictures, cute internet boys to meet at the meet and greets, the boy bands, or the great music that can be shared for free? Teens go for all of this and more. Since social media has become such an integral part of teen lives, what have the adults been physically seeing in the youth of today? ‘’There are students in the back of their classes just scrolling away on their phones and making goofy faces for Snapchat,’’ says Mrs. Julie Moller, WHS biology teacher. Teachers and students have probably seen their share of students taking selfies. ‘’During class, people often take selfies with their friends all the time and caption them with ‘fun in chem’ or something. It gets to the point where it’s annoying,” says sophomore Kayli Rice, a sophomore. Many people are guilty of this, turning the trend into something of an addiction for some.

Social media is obviously a history maker of the 21st century. It brings people together and is known as a place for a good laugh. This hashtag-worthy media will continue to grow for years to come. Often times, the networking is used for entertainment, bringing people closer and sharing fond memories. The future is looking bright for these social sites, as there is so much more to be invented, produced, and shared. There will be more trends to see and live for years to come.

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