Fun Fall Must Haves

Emma L.

Staff Writer

Fall is the beginning of the decoration obsession that arises every year, as people cannot seem to get enough of the adorable decorations found in almost every department store. While store-bought decorations are nice, sometimes it is just easier to make the perfect decoration. Junior Catherine Moreau said, “My family loves to decorate, but we can never find exactly what we are looking for.” Here are some great, easy, do-it-yourself ideas to decorate for the upcoming season.

Currently, a huge craze in the teenage girl world is chevron everything; this trend has continued into this fall. Junior Megan Moore said, “I love chevron, and now there is a cool way to get that pattern on your pumpkins.” Chevron pumpkins are quick and easy to make and add a fun flare inFall Decor2 ELto new fall decorations. All that is needed is foam pumpkins, painters tape, paint (either spray or latex craft paint), and scissors. To start this project, cut out the chevron patterns into the painters tape, then stick the tape onto the pumpkin, making sure it is stuck on the pumpkin completely. Next, paint on the pumpkin completely, even over the tape. Finally, let the pumpkin dry before removing the tape. This decoration is great for dining room tables or kitchens to give the finished fall look.

In addition to chevron pumpkins, many people choose to craft with fall candies. Candy corn has always been a favorite candy for many people this time of year, but now the color and shape of these delicious candies are being used to make fun centerpieces. The necessary materials for this project are glass bottles; white, orange, and yellow spray paint; fake fall leaves or flowers, and newspaper. The first step that must be taken in this project is to put down newspaper so that paint is not sprayed everywhere. Next, spray the bottles completely with white spray paint, and let them dry. When they are dry, spray from the middle to the bottom of the bottle with orange, and let this dry. Lastly, spray the bottom of the bottles with yellow, and let this dry. When everything is completely dry, place the decorations on tables, and add fall flowers or leaves. This is a very fun, youthful look.

Another of the best parts of fall is being able to use many materials in nature to create interesting decorations, such as stick candle holders. Just by walking outside and looking around trees, sticks can be found for the project. The materials for this craft include a glass candle holder of any shape, twigs, hot glue, a candle to fit the holder, and shears sharp enough to cut the twigs. To begin, the twigs need to be cut to the approximate length of the candle holder. When this is done, begin to glue the twigs with the hot glue to the candle holder close enough together to not see the glass. When the holder is completely covered and the glue is dry, place the candle in the holder, and now there is a beautiful earthy light. This fun decoration adds some warm light on a fall night.

The next cute decoration is a simple leaf canvas, which takes practically not time to make and can be put all over the house for fall. The materials needed for this project are canvases; sparkly spray paint that is red, orange, yellow, or brown; newspaper; tape; and different leaf stencils. To begin, tape the stencil to a canvas, and tape newspaper on the uncovered parts of the canvas so the paint will not cover the rest. Place the canvas on extra newspaper so the paint will not get anywhere else. Spray the chosen color onto the stencil and canvas, and let it dry. When it is dry, remove the newspaper and stencil, and the look is complete. This decoration is super simple but helps to add something extra to an ordinary house.

The final fall decoration is a timeless fall wreath, something people search endlessly for every year. By simply making one at home, the ideal decoration is created without all the time wasted looking in stores. The materials needed include a grapevine wreath form, hot glue, and fall flowers, leaves, berries, or small pumpkins. First, take the wreath and begin to glue the different fall items on the wreath until most of it is covered. Then wait for the glue to dry, and make sure it is sturdy. Adding an initial that goes with a name is also a fun, optional accent. Finally, the wreath is ready to be hung up.

With these fun and simple decorations, it is easy to dress a house up for the holidays. There is no need to go out and spend ridiculous amounts of money for fall when there are easy, fun ways to recreate these looks in no time. With only a small amount of extra effort, any home can be made exciting and new for the holidays.

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