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The music industry is constantly evolving with new styles and artists on the rise. Every year, award shows have categories for the best new artists. Before the artists are nominated, they often appear on Artist to Watch lists, gaining recognition for their singles or EPs released in that year. Artists to Watch are always fun to find because their shows are cheap, and their music is addictive.

The 90s are coming back, and 5 Seconds of Summer (5SoS) has had one heck of a journey for the past three years. Michael Clifford, 18; Luke Hemmings, 18; Calum Hood, 18; and Ashton Irwin, 20; were seen as awkward teenage boys living just outside of Sydney, Australia, posting mediocre covers of Blink-182 songs and Green Day hits. Eventually they received recognition from One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson when he posted the link to 5SoS’s song ‘’Gotta Get Out,’’ and instantly their once small fandom started growing. ‘’They have a great sound; it’s punky and edgy but has a pop sound,’’ says sophomore April Schilkert. One Direction later announced that 5 Seconds of Summer would be the supporting act on the tour of One Direction’s second studio album ‘’Take Me Home.’’ After the tour, the 5SoS group went right into writing their first studio album, which was released July 22nd of this year. The album came up as number one on the charts along with the band’s debut single, ‘”She Looks So Perfect,’’ also earning the number one spot on the charts. 5 Seconds of Summer is once again on tour with One Direction’s “Where We Are” stadium tour.

artists to watch banks moAbel Tesfave, 24, known as The Weeknd, is one man with one unique sound. His name came from the story of his youth: he dropped out of high school at age 17 and then left one weekend out of the blue.  Originally from Canada, Tesfave was influenced by various genres of music that his grandmother would play, including punk rock, funk, indie rock, soul, and hip hop. Once Tesfave left, he dropped the third ‘e’ in his stage name to avoid copyright infringement from another band with the same name. He posted his songs on YouTube under the name The Weeknd. Because of this, he gained attention after fellow Canadian musician Drake posted the link to one of Tesfave’s dark R&B songs on his blog. The R&B tunes are addictive and mesmerizing. “His music has a good beat; it keeps me going,’’ says sophomore Alexa Jones. Following recognition by Drake, The Weeknd started to gain attention from all over as he began playing in major cities and festivals in 2012. He kept gaining fame and eventually earned a record deal with Republic Records. Trilogy was the title of his first studio album that was released in 2012, peaking at number five on Canada’s Billboard 100.  Then Tesfave’s second album, Kiss Land, debuted at number two on the US Billboard Top 200 in 2013. Currently, The Weeknd is touring around the world to promote his latest album; he will play a show in Atlanta on October 19th.

Jillian Rose Banks, 26, is an LA native who is now getting recognition for her alternative R&B sound. Banks started writing songs at the age of 15 and eventually began posting audio clips using SoundCloud, an audio social media that helped her start to gain fans. ‘’Banks has a great sound. Her sound is electronic and intriguing, ’’ says Katlin Rocavich, sophomore. Banks released her first EP entitled Goddess, which peaked at #12 on the US charts.  Her unique sound has caught the attention of MTV and BBC Radio 1; Banks was even nominated for a BBC Radio 1 Best New Artist Award and The MTV Artist to Watch Award. She currently is on tour in the United States.

Lewis Watson is a London native with an Indie flare who started out posting YouTube videos of covers. As a result, his fan base blew up with popularity. After three years, he finally made his first EP entitled It’s Got Four Sad Songs. The singer songwriter’s EP was such a hit that record labels came from all over, and he decided to sign to Warner Bros. Records. In 2013, he went on tour with female singer/songwriter Birdy, and his fame increased through this exposure. In June 2014, Watson released his first debut album, The Morning, peaking at #28 on the UK charts.

The Artists to Watch category will always be evolving with the world around it. Everyone who has been on this list is someone to look at for the future because there will be a positive chance of seeing more of these incredible artists. These artists will show the world what is in store for

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