(Un)social Media

Madison B.

Staff Writer

Generation after generation, technology becomes more advanced as it continues to take over people’s daily activities and time. With the improvements in technology, there are also changes in the different social media sites. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are three of the most popular social media sites, each having over one million users. Not an hour goes by where someone is not scrolling through their newsfeed or updating their status. With the constant social media presence, our society as a whole has become less social.

Social networking sites allow their users to connect with friends worldwide, helping everyone stay in the loop with one another, but is this always useful? Many students and teachers at Woodstock High have come to an agreement that social media is becoming consuming and overused. Ms. Ashley Mize, 10th grade literature teacher, says, “Social media is too time-consuming, it is of too much importance nowadays, and it gives a false sense of reality.” The media sites make it onerous for people to distinguish between the computer world and the real world. The amount of effort users put into media and the amount of time users waste focusing their attention online is becoming an obsession and a second nature.

edited social mediaThis constant usage, paired with obsessiveness of the media, is also causing a lack of face to face interaction. People are getting so used to hiding behind phone and computer screens that when it comes to having a real conversation, they do not even know what to do with themselves. Dr. Krista Webb, AP US History and AP World History teacher, says, “People forget how to interact because they are all about their phones.” She also included, “I went out to eat with my family the other day, and not a single person was actually socializing.” This goes to show it is becoming an even worse habit for the younger generations because they are starting off with technology at such a young age. Coach Kirk Scharich, US History teacher and cross country/track coach, said, “I remember when I was your age, not even knowing what a phone was, and now I see two year olds crying because they cannot play on their iPads. It is sickening.” Eventually, technology and the media are going to be the only concepts anyone knows.

Another issue is that everyone wants to fit in, and society as a whole thinks having an account on some sort of social media website can help with that. In all honesty, no one actually cares what everyone else is doing. No one cares what anyone else’s plans for the day are, no one cares if anyone bought a new shirt, and no one cares how much homework teachers gave that day. The only reason for constantly checking social media sites is to make sure that no one else is having a better time or doing something more exciting. Kayla Sangrey, senior, says, “Social media is just an accident waiting to happen. It causes everything to get blown out of proportion, and it never fails to promote jealousy and pointless fights.” The reason social media gets blown out of proportion is because it is a way to be nosey and get involved in pointless drama. Most media users like to get themselves in business that does not belong to them, and that is what causes the issues.

As much as social media has a negative impact on our generation, it also has its positive side. Social media was initially made to help people stay connected with one another, no matter the distance. Families and friends are able to keep in touch, share their photos with each other, and give updates on how their lives have been, but now it seems as if the bad outweighs the good. Nowadays, media still can still provide this information, but it also is a huge distraction. It handicaps people from having personal interaction, and it takes away from privacy. Junior Blake Ventura states, “Today, it seems that social media is shoved into our faces so much and overall promotes a negative environment for interaction.” What started as such a good thing took a bad turn very quickly. The face to face interactions between our generations are rapidly getting worse, while the behind the screen interactions are growing. Social media should be an assistant to communication, but it should not be the only form of communication.

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