Woodstock, You Know

Lauren C.

Staff Writer

Throughout the years, Woodstock High School has been a key player in Cherokee County athletics. While much of this success can be contributed to the work ethic and dedication of the student-athletes and their coaches, a large component is the continuous support of fans: both parents and students. At any given football game, there will be a large section of rowdy students, cheering and supporting their Wolverines to the finish. “We are so motivated by our peers during the games,” says junior Matthew Hannon, an offensive lineman for the Wolverines. “Knowing we have our classmates and friends behind us is what keeps us going.” School spirit is a major factor in all aspects of the school, as it unifies and motivates students to do their best not only for themselves but for their class as a whole.

The student section is the center of the school’s fan base at all sporting events. While it does reach peak capacity at football games, the student section often brings its nuLC spiritmbers to other events as well to cheer on the school. Typically run by the upperclassmen, all grades unite in the common goal of supporting the team to victory. The rowdy bunch of students is characterized by organized themes, cheers, and props. At any given football game during the fall, there is a crowd of Wolverine-loving students in matching apparel, such as Hawaiin shirts, neon, or the popular ’Merica theme. The games have become quite the event at Woodstock, complete with a pregame tailgate and a Twitter account (@WHStailgate) to inform the student body of the plans for before, during, and after the game. “We make sure to put the information out to everyone,” says senior Luke Mixon, a leader of the class, adding, “The way we run our school student section really creates an inclusive and united atmosphere.” Between the teachers, administrators, and students, the school as a whole really does function as a team.

While the spirit at Woodstock is nothing short of exceptional, there are of course some improvements to be made. “We have on occasion gotten in trouble for some of our chants at games, and we are working to make sure ‘The Wood’ keeps it appropriate at these public functions,” says Mixon. Another improvement to be made is the lack of cheering from all numbers of the student body. As junior Brennan Heyer says, “The upperclassmen carry most of the weight in the cheering department; we need more enthusiasm out of our freshmen and sophomores.” It is understandable that the underclassmen have less enthusiasm though, as they have not had as much time to become accustomed to the functions of the student section.

Another improvement to be seen is more widespread support. Coach Ricky Glasper, a PE teacher and track/football coach, says, “The atmosphere is super helpful to the athletes on the field or court.” However, he feels that some sports, especially those in the spring, do not receive nearly enough student support. In his words, “Our football and basketball teams get lots of support, but sports like soccer and track fly under the lc spiritt2radar. We need to work on bringing our support to some of the less popular sports.” Sports such as swimming, track, and tennis rarely get student support. While these sporting events may not be as exciting to most people as those of football and basketball, the athletes have potential to reach greater heights through the outpouring of support from their peers at Woodstock High School.

Between the rowdy cheers and the wacky outfits, there is little doubt that Woodstock High School creates a great atmosphere of unity, inclusion, and spirit amongst its students. Ms. Laura Cox, anatomy teacher and leader of the senior class, says, “Our seniors are really leading the way in spirit this year. We have over half the class participating in senior activities, and attendance at football games is at an all-time high. That really transcends into other sports and the school as a whole.” The spirit at Woodstock High School is a tradition started by the students that continues to improve year after year. With the leadership and exemplary spirit of the upperclassmen, WHS can expect to be one of the most spirited and supportive student bodies in the state for years to come.


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