Are you here, because that is “Where We Are”

Allie Z.

Staff Writer

The world renowned boy band One Direction recently visited Atlanta on their Where We Are tour at the Georgia Dome on October 1st. With 70,000 screaming fans, what is there not to love about a One Direction concert? As 5 Seconds of Summer (the opening act) and One Direction prepared to take the stage, everyone in the stadium knew memories were about to be made.

Waiting outside the stadium to see a band, fans felt excitement and anticipation. For the average teenage girl who loves One Direction, this was one of the biggest moments of her life. Some fans had been waiting for this concert for an entire year and could not wait any longer. Once the doors of the stadium opened, a flood of girls rushed into the designated gates to get to their seats. Teenage girls, children, and parents sat in the crowd and awaited the moment for the band to arrive, but first the opening act had its turn on stage.

5 Seconds of Summer (5SoS), which consists of Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, and Michael Clifford, is an Australian pop rock band that opened for One Direction for the very last time in Atlanta. Since this was the last time preforming with One Direction in Atlanta for 5SoS, both the crowd and the band were buzzing with excitement. The crowd radiated anticipation while waiting for 5SoS to start out the set with their song “Eighteen.” Freshman Ayesha Patel, fan of both One Direction and 5SoS said, “During the performance I was screaming so loud and looked around and saw people that were just like me, and I liked feeling theaz one direction 2 comfort that I wasn’t alone.”  With all their songs coming from their new self-titled album 5 Seconds of Summer, the band appeared to have much fun performing for the Georgia Dome. Their music was incredible, they all played their instruments perfectly, their singing was on key, and their set was very entertaining. Finishing up their set with their well-known song “She Looks So Perfect,” the band bid their farewells and disappeared backstage.

Waiting for the main act was the hardest part of the concert; the fans know One Direction would come out soon, but they did not know exactly when. During the intermission between the opening act and the main act, the stage crew set up the stage, and fans waited for One Direction while the stadium played music over the loudspeakers. Having fun waiting for the band, the crowd danced along to the “Macarena,” sang along to “Summer Lovin’,” and started a wave around the stadium. When the lights began to dim, every fan could feel the crowd get more and more anxious, and as the introduction video of One Direction traveling around the world played, fans all around the stadium went wild.

As the video came to a stop and the screen began to rise, everyone could see One Direction, the band that fans had been waiting for. All anyone could hear in the stadium was the screaming and crying of the fans finally getting to see their idols after a year of waiting. One Direction played music from all three of their albums (Up All Night, Take Me Home, and Midnight Memories). Hearing the opening song “Midnight Memories,” the crowd went ballistic with everyone jumping around and enjoying the concert. The concert was extremely loud, as fans could feel the thump of the bass in the stadium. Mrs. Johanna Marcusky, English teacher said, “It was the loudest concert I have ever been to, and I have been to many.” Thanking the crowd for being the best fans in the world and for sticking with them for four years, the boys appeared happy to be performing in Atlanta. Jumping around with lights flashing around them, One Direction gives an excellent show. Nearing the end of their set with “Little Things,” the sea of people lit up with white lights as the boys sang. The last song played was “Best Song Ever,” a happy yet sad moment because the band had to leave. The entire performance lasted for about two hours and consisted of 23 songs. The atmosphere was thrilling, and no one could deny that. Mrs. Julie Moeller, science teacher, commented on the concert, saying, “One Direction really does put on the best show, whether you like them or not.”

Not everyone was a fan of the show; parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, siblings, and friends ended up getting dragged along to the One Direction concert. Mrs. Marcusky said, “My favorite part of the concert was leaving because I am not a One Direction fan, but my daughter is.” Parents mostly have to endure the screams of loud fans to make their children happy, but it is worth it in the long run.

The concert was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, since a One Direction concert is like no other concert and each act is always different. The boys love to perform, and fans can tell too. One Direction’s drive has led them to break world records for having every album get to number one on the charts, and they always have smiles on their faces and enjoy every minute of the journey as much as their fans. When Madison Wisted, freshman, said, “Going to a One Direction concert gives you a feeling like no other. It’s better than words, and it just makes you feel alive.” If there ever becomes a chance of attending a One Direction concert, go for it.





  1. fangirl24/7 says:

    I agree with this. 5SOS though!!!! 😉

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