Put me in autumn, and I’m a happy girl

Kendra H.

Assistant Editor

The fall season is slowly making its way towards Towne Lake, and it brings clear, vibrant skies; cool, crisp weather; and colorful leaves. At this time of year, people have the greatest chance to enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds them. Many become so immersed in their lives that they forget that an outside world flourishes around them, and some do not realize how many close, exquisite, quiet and beautiful places exist.

Many places in Woodstock provide ideal spots for hiking, picnicking, or sightseeing. Red Top Mountain, for example, is about 20 minutes from Towne Lake, and it is situated on Lake Allatoona. Even though it is not far from the bustle of town, it feels as if one is far into North Georgia. Red Top Mountain has many hiking tracks offering varying distances. There is a four mile track that allows a person to gaze at Lake Allatoona; the lake is serene and tranquil without waves and noises from boats. Ducks can sometimes be spotted, and people can feed the ducks if they choose. The trees are leafy with colors ranging from brown, yellow, red and orange providing beauty worthy of photography.  The air is refreshing for those who choose to run the trail, and people hiking can listen to music or enjoy the melodies of birds. Red Top Mountain is dog-friendly, and families tend to walk their dogs on the hiking trail where the dogs have the opportunity to meet and interact with others. Red Top Mountain is an ideal place to go during autumn because it is quiet, comfortable, and stunning.

KH fall pic 2Rope Mill is a beautiful park in Woodstock, off of exit nine, that people can also enjoy. People can bring dogs here as well, and there are plenty of benches and swings for people to unwind. A student could go to Rope Mill and complete homework in a swing while enjoying the sun and the crisp breeze rather than staying cooped up inside for hours. Sometimes a change of scenery is the key to waking up a dormant mind. Rope Mill also includes a river where people can go fishing, kayaking, swimming, or canoeing. There are many trails that lead to hidden beauties such as old train tracks no longer utilized by trains. People can wander the trails while the leaves crunch beneath their feet, and they no longer have to worry about the constant annoyance of bugs.  Some students from Woodstock High School like seniors Mia Vahle and Lesley Brewer enjoy watching sunsets at Rope Mill and practicing morning yoga while the sky transforms around them.  Alyssa Hall, senior, says that Rope Mill “has a secret parking lot where I can simply watch the cars go by and feel the wind prickle my skin.” Leita Thompson is another park located in Roswell, somewhat close to Towne Lake; the drive is about 25 minutes. Hall explains that she enjoys walking the three mile path and exploring the wondrous nature around her. This park has benches for people to relax or read a book while listening to the water flow out of a nearby fountain. People should strive to explore the outdoors and appreciate the striking world in which they live.

There are some places where people can go and sightsee, but a longer drive is included, which again is worth the extra miles. Kennesaw Mountain is about 30 minutes from Towne Lake, depending on traffic. Mrs. Jacqueline Vance, English teacher, explains that her family enjoys hiking at Kennesaw Mountain because the “nature is mesmerizing, and the historical aspect of Kennesaw Mountain is interesting.”  Kennesaw Mountain has trails that go around the mountain where dogs could be walked, or people can decide to walk or drive to the peak of the mountain. Seeing the view from the top must be beautiful because of the colorful leaves and clear sky. Stone Mountain Park is about an hour from Woodstock, but it is another beautiful place to travel to during the fall. The weather is preferable for people wishing to hike up the mountain because the air lacks humidity, and the cool gusts of wind at the peak rejuvenate those who are tired. The view also provides a muse for an artist or photographer.

Some people like being outside, but they want to be near shops as well. Downtown Woodstock is an ideal place to go for an evening stroll and exploration of unique stores. Lights are strung and fall decorations begin to appear, which enlivens the small town. Elizabeth Lee, 10th grade Woodstock High School student, explains that “the windows of stores could be filled with beautiful fall decorations, bakery items, or cute fall fashion items; the walk outside becomes more enjoyable for me when I can enjoy nature and looking into the store windows.” Downtown Woodstock also has train tracks, which are fun to walk along and be completely surrounded by the colorful leaves. Being completely surrounded by nature allows a person to see the world in a new way and truly have a connection with nature. Mercier Orchards, located in Fannin County, is another interesting place that allows a person to explore outside or inside a savory store. Fall is the season where people can go apple picking in Mercier Orchards, and people can buy whatever apples they pick. The store has a variety of goodies including apple cider, apple pies, doughnuts, and apple breads. The orchards are expansive, and there are plenty of apples to go around.

The world is a beautiful place, and fall is the ideal time to truly enjoy it. The weather is nice, the leaves are colorful, and the air is fresh; it is not too cold or hot, and the issue of pollen or humidity is no longer in effect. People should take advantage of the perfect combination and explore nature. There are many places that are not too far for a person to discover. School is difficult, and breaks do not always need to be inside, but rather outside in the real world where life is new, exquisite, and alive.

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