Ask Austin: The senior who tells it like it is

Austin B.

Senior EditorAdvice AB 2

Frantic Families

“Dear Austin: My parents are constantly on my back about always being out with friends. What should I do?”

Dear Friendly Frank: Your parents are right; you should spend more time with family. Every teen loves spending as much time with friends as possible. Teens often feel as if they have a more enjoyable time with friends, and as if their friends understand them better. However, despite the fact that being with friends can be much more fun than being with family, one should always make time for family. Sure, a teen’s family members are the only people who know how to push his or her buttons like no one else, but it is done out of love. While it may seem like friends will stay with you forever, statistics show that most do not, and as hard as it is to deal with, family will be around forever. Ultimately, make time for family.

Morning Trouble

“Dear Austin: I’m always so tired in the morning; what should I do?”

Dear Sleepy Sally: Being tired in the morning is without a doubt one of the most universal problems teen students have. Fortunately, there are many ways to counteract the sleepiness. Many people drink coffee to kick-start their mornings, as coffee is loaded with caffeine, giving the energy needed to power through the day ahead. Another drink to boost students out of bed is an energy drink. While they may not be the healthiest drinks, they get the job done and keep people going for most of the day. However, the consequence of energy drinks is the massive crash that most people feel a few hours after drinking them; some other negatives include excessive amounts of sugar and immense “jitters.” While these two drinks are very common day-starters, there is a much less popular, yet healthier method. An effective way for a teen to wake up is to drink a large glass of cold water when he or she gets out of bed. Water is very effective at waking people up and is a healthy way of doing it. Senior David Schwieger agreed by saying, “When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is drink water. I’m a swimmer, so I need to drink a lot of water anyway, and drinking some in the morning is a good start.” Finally, there is one more way to not feel so sleepy in the morning. The oldest trick in the book just so happens to still be effective: go to sleep earlier at night. While it may seem like a childish idea, it is without a doubt the most effective and healthiest for one’s body.

College Decisions

“Dear Austin: I’m not sure where I should go to college; how do I decide?”

Dear Hesitant Heather: Picking a college can be a stressful event because it is a decision that sticks with individuals for a long time. Transferring colleges is always an option, but it is expensive, hectic, and could damage progress that the student has made if his or her grades do not transfer. Essentially, it is important to try early on to pick the college that is most fitting for a student early. One way a student can narrow down the options is to consider what he or she wants to study in college. Each university offers different majors, so students must keep this in mind. It does not do any good to fall in love with a school that does not offer the major the student is looking to study; this obviously can be a major deterrent.

Another reason students may not attend a college they adore is if the school does not have the population students are looking for. A university like the University of Georgia will have a much larger population than Jacksonville State University, which has benefits and pitfalls. While population is important, money is even more important. Students should most definitely look into the expenses of a school. For example, a private college is going to be much more expensive than a public school. This is not to say that private schools are out of the question, but students must acknowledge how much debt they want to face when they finally make it into the real world. Fortunately, this is one of the few factors that students have some control over; if a student applies for many scholarships and has achieved significantly in academics and extracurriculars, he or she could be awarded money to assist in paying for college.

Finally, one final factor follows the same rule as real estate: location, location, location. Some students would like to live in a college town, as they would have the environment of college life 24/7. However, other students would like to be able to get away from the school atmosphere by going to a college that is not located in a college town. Senior Noah Trepper says, “I would like to go to Kennesaw State University, but I also really like the college town life where everyone in the town is in the same position you are.” While deciding on a college can be immensely difficult, there are many ways to facilitate the decision-making process.

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