Extreme dedication: The life of a fan

Juleisy V.

Staff Writer

In some way or another, each person greatly likes or admires something. Literarily anything can be an obsession. Of course, there are levels to these obsessions, as a fan can easily escalate from being a simple supporter to an extreme devotee. The normal admirers are those who spend a decent amount of time dedicated to their obsession and may even consider buying some merchandise. Then there are the immensely dedicated supporters who seem to know the full names of all of the band members, bring up the Extreme Fanatics JVM 2subject at very odd times, and spend a great amount of time specifically on their obsession. On the top are the extremists, the fans who worship their obsessions.

When people think of fans, they usually think of someone who is obsessed with another person. That is not always true. People can be obsessed with subjects or items as well; shows, movies, books, games, web comics, animals, and even food can be considered an obsession. Everything has to start somewhere; likewise, all fans start out small. Average fans are the ones who are just getting started, and they can show their appreciation in various ways. A normal music fan usually considers buying t-shirts of their favorite band, searches for their albums, and just listens to the band often. A fan of a show can get posters and ponder about what will happen in the next episode. Normal fans appreciate their obsessions, and it becomes a part of their life.

Above the normal fans are the big fans. These people are the ones who consider their obsessions an essential part of their life. They can also start giving themselves names based off their obsession: Dr. Who fans are called Whovians, One Direction fans are called Directioners, Muse fans are called Musers, and so on. Not being afraid to openly express what appeals to that person is a true fanatic. Even if their fandom is constantly being attacked by negative comments from others, that fan will overcome peer pressure and defend his or her obsession no matter what. These are the knights who defend their fandom with no hesitation of any sort; they are the ones who keep track of their band’s whereabouts. These big fans try their hardest and put in a great deal of effort to not miss an episode. They begin the habit of freaking out when hearing their obsession being talked about, and it progressively increases as they enter the extreme fan range.

Extreme fans are out there, and it takes very little to identify them. If an average person were to ask an extreme fanatic what they are obsessed with, the first most common answer the person would receive would be a gradually expanding smile. These fans are the ones who have accepted their obsessions as life. These are the ones who freak out when hearing a reference of their obsession. They are the type of people that have tumblrs devoted specifically to their fandoms. Mathematics teacher Mrs. Kathyrn Hawter said she has heard of fans who consider “sneaking into their houses” because their obsession for that particular celebrity is just that big. There is an actual name for obsessions related to celebrities: Celebrity Worship Syndrome, and there are an innumerable amount of people who really do worship their idols. On April 15th of the past year, a man was caught swimming in private property. He had been swimming around the ocean only to be caught at around 2 in the morning for attempting to swim up to Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island beach home. He was planning on meeting her but never did. Also inExtreme Fanatics JVM 3 Atlanta, a new organization was established in which the members practice a new religion called Beyism. It is the worshipping of Beyoncé Knowles, known to members as “Queen Bey.” These serious worshippers have their own websites and post schedules of their next gatherings. These followers are of extremely devoted fans who have taken it to the next level.

Fanatics can be split into these three general divisions, but there are all kinds of supporters out there. It can range from simply appreciating their subject all that way to constantly obsessing about the subject. These descriptions may not describe every single fan because everyone is different in expressing their adoration for something. True fans do not even need to prove themselves; they just like their obsession and that is all. In some way everyone is a fan of something; it is those personal interests that make life grand.

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