Need a scare?

Maddie O.

Staff Writer

Horror movies make up a classic genre that fulfills that gory need for blood, guts, and a good scare. The scores and plots of these films make them irresistible and addicting; the music playing right as the unsuspecting victim is about to get slaughtered adds to the thrill of it all. Nightmare on Elm Street, The Stranger, Scream, Cabin Fever, and Halloween, are films that have earned their place as the most memorable horror movies. Have a look.

The nightmares that horror movies give viewers can be unbearable. Nightmare on Elm Street follows a teenage girl, Tina Gray, and her friends as they try to save themselves from the horror that is scream moFreddy Kruger, a man with a severely burnt body who wears a hat and striped sweater. The teenagers constantly recognize his glove of knives that he uses to kill them. On the first night of terror, Tina is awoken by the sound of her best friend, Nancy, being slaughtered by an unknown entity. When the police arrive, no one can explain it. After much thought, the teens figure out that they all have the same person in their dreams. Eventually, the teens will be killed one by one. This film is a highly recommended classic 80s horror movie and is highly recommended. The special effects may be awful, but it is still scary.

The Strangers is a remake of a 1970s movie called The Faces. The plot follows a young girl, Kristen, and her boyfriend, James, as they are on a retreat for a friend’s wedding reception. There is a knock on the door, and it happens to be a young blonde female asking if she is at the correct house. James tells her no and closes the door. The knocking will continue, and things go haywire. Senior Peyton Landers, a senior, said he likes ‘’the suspense and the action in the movie. It’s intriguing.’’

Next on the list highlights the mystery man in the mask; Scream follows the story of a teen girl, Sidney, and her group of friends as they try to fight for their lives. The small quiet town that has been ransacked with multiple murders puts the townspeople on edge. Everyone suspects that Sidney has an idea as to what is going on, but the poor girl actually happens to be the main target in the serial killer’s path of destruction. Every time she is near death, she receives a phone call from ghost face telling her she or someone she loves is close to death. Camryn Litke, sophomore, loves how “it makes me be at the edge of my seat waiting for someone to be murdered; when they are, it’s a total surprise.’’

Cabin Fever follows a group of young adults on their spring break retreat to the cabin. The group stops at a convenience store to buy some supplies because they will be away from civilization. They are warned about a man who bites people, but they think nothing of it and are on their way. After a few days, they find that people are being infected with a skin rash that is very irritable and bloody, and no one can explain it. ‘’There is a constant suspense as to why everyone is going crazy; I love it,’’ says Estephany Lagunas, sophomore. Within a few hours, everything will go downhill from there. This film is actually based on a real life experience that one of the writers of the film, Eli Roth, had to endure on a camping trip in Iceland. The gore of this movie makes it worth watching, as well as the suspense.

Finally, Halloween is number one of all classic horror movies; this is a captivating film about a high school student named Laurie who is being stalked by a recently escaped prisoner, Michael. With his signature mask, Michael goes on a murder rampage. There is a constant feeling of anxiety and constant battle throughout of her being watched, which eventually will lead to her having to murder Michael before he murders her. This film is highly recommended to watch if someone needs a good horror movie; the score and the constant threat of Jason lurking in the shadows makes this incredible.

Horror movies are perfect to watch all day every day. Each one of these films is different, but all have the same murderous vibe to them. Enjoy!



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