Going for the title

Chase M.

Staff Writer

The 2014-2015 NFL football season has been incredible, leading many to speculate about which teams will land spots in the Super Bowl this year. With the Seahawks and the 49ers not having the best season, these two go-to teams will likely be out of the race. Woodstock students and staff have different opinions on who will win this year.

The Cowboys and the Patriots seem to be in the lead so far. With the Patriots at the record of 7-2 and the cowboys going 6-3, these teams are having a stable season. Performing at their peak this year, the Cowboys and the Patriots have been a spectacle to watch in the regular season. Alarri Leverau-Lopez, WHS senior, predicts, “The Cowboys and the Patriots will be going to the Super Bowl because the Patriots are clutch contenders, and the Cowboys have something to prove.” With Tom Brady passing over 200 yards per game and having an accuracy of 90%, the Patriots offense is unstoppable. Although the past few games have not proven to be top performances for Brady, he still has managed to pass 60,000 career yards. Success cannot come down to the quarterback; the defense needs to step up to the plate also.

The Patriots have an intense defense that is performing very well. “The defense is a force to be reckoned with; they are veterans and are unstoppable,” says sophomore Jaci Csubak. A defensive player’s job is to turn the ball around, cause turnovers, and stop the opposing team’s offense from scoring. Robert Ninkovitch, a star defensive linemen who plays for the Patriots, plays to win and knows what he is doing. With a rush defense of a brick wall, this guy can almost stop the running back as sopatriots superbowlon as the tail back gets the ball. Rushing the quarterback like there is no offensive line to stop him, number 50 (Ninkovitch) seems almost capable of running the defense himself. With a total of over 31 sacks, this defensive star gets the job done no matter the cost.

In addition to Ninkovitch, Jamie Collins, a defensive linebacker, has also been putting up some stats for the New England Patriots. At the young age of 25, this linebacker has many playing years left in him. With 109 tackles already this year, Collins has been putting up some damage against the opposing teams’ offenses. Collins is a team player who helps his teammates with tackles and has a career total of 39 assists.Another team player is Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys. Romo, a star quarterback, has a staggering 238 yards per game, making the Cowboys offense almost unstoppable. Csubak says, “Tony Romo is probably one of the best football players out there, but this year he has something to prove and will put everything on the line in order to get there.”

Another star player for Dallas is Anthony Spencer, who has shown his strength this year even against the best offenses. With a career total of over 379 tackles, his rush defense is probably one of the best in the league. “I definitely don’t want this defensive player on the other side of the ball when I play Madden,” says sophomore Simms Grear. Spencer is a free safety who will not let any ball by him when he is in his zone; he is there to protect against the deep balls that threaten the win of the game for the Cowboys.

Like the Patriots, the Cowboys definitely have a shot at the Super Bowl this year. Jonothan Murphy, a sports enthusiast who is a sophomore at WHS, says, “The Cowboys are Super Bowl quality for this year.” The Cowboys are not some crazy team with an undefeated record that ended up failing in the end of the season; they know what losing feels like, and that is not a bad thing. Normally teams who are undefeated end up losing one game, and the whole season is ruined because of this, but the Cowboys are a solid team who know how to play. The Cowboys will fight other teams to the death if they have to.

The debate over who will make it into the Super Bowl will continue. Will it be the New England Patriots with a clutch offense and a veteran quarterback, or will it be the Dallas Cowboys who are willing to put everything on the line to prove that they are one of the best in the world? There are so many factors that come into play when trying to find the best team to go to the super bowl, but for one team, everything will fall into place and will pave the way for a championship team. The playoffs will begin on January 3rd and will show who the best teams are.

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