10 ways to spread holiday cheer

Paige M.

Managing Edior

Christmas spirit is a quality that lacks in some people, while it overflows in others. For those born with a little extra holiday cheer, take the time this season to partake in a few activities that not only provide a fun time but also lift the cheer inside of others.

  1.              Sharing Your Voice: A character named Buddy from the popular Christmas film Elf proclaims possibly some of the best advice known to man: “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” As seen in the movie, singing raises spirits, joy, and even Santa’s sleigh! Many can learn from Buddy’s wise words. Caroling is a tradition that is slowly dying off as a holiday hobby for many families. Grab friends, family, and even foes to belch some Christmas tunes no matter what it may sound like! If singing is not someone’s belf2est talent, spend some time dancing around the kitchen or listening to some Christmas music on the holiday radio station in the car. It never fails!
  2. Generosity: Junior Olivia Hughes expresses, “Giving presents always makes me excited for Christmas!” Now that is generosity! Giving gifts to family and friends or to those in need during the holiday season is a selfless way to spread gratitude and thankfulness, for everyone needs a little surprise during the holidays. Junior Claudia Miklosik says, “I love thinking of what presents would make my friends and family smile the biggest.” Another interesting Christmas activity is giving presents anonymously. Secret Santa, white elephant, and other similar games get people excited for the holidays and inspire them to get creative about presents and giving opportunities.
  3. Becoming the Chef of the House: Emma Gilbert, junior, explains, “I personally love to cook during the holiday season. My family makes such yummy food, and it’s always what I look forward to!” Holiday cookies, traditional family recipes, and peppermint-flavored foods are all delicious treats to look forward to. Gilbert adds, “It’s not only the food, but the preparation. It’s so nice to spend time with my family in the kitchen dancing and listening to holiday music. Nothing brings families together better than the holidays!” Get together with friends, family, and others to bake some seasonal foods!
  4. Settling Down with a Hot Drink: Junior Meghan Pierce said, “Drinking hot chocolate and taking naps can barely be beat by anything else.” The relaxation of the holiday season brings cheer in itself. No school, no homework, and no stress cannot fail to bring forth a happy individual. Pierce goes on, “Holiday beverages warm my heart and my tummy. I always stop by Starbucks, McDonalds, and Dunkin for seasonal coffee and drinks.” Hot beverages and warm fires is the winning combination for the holidays.
  5. Selfless Service: Grace Timm, junior, says, “I like to serve the community during the holiday season. I do this through church, school, and many other ways. Nothing makes me feel holiday cheer more than helping a family or individual experience the Christmas season they deserve.” Many students in the Woodstock family are participating in service to spread holiday cheer and lift spirits. Elves Club is working tediously to provide presents to kids who do not have the opportunity to receive them from their own family’s budget. Along with this Christmas-themed club, Interact Club is working to co-host a Christmas party with the Rotary Club of Woodstock at “Pillow Perfect,” a local pillow warehouse, for the less fortunate by giving out gifts and doing crafts such as decorating ornaments and singing Christmas songs. In addition, National Honor Society is donating new books to kids in need. Many individuals have “adopted” families in need and are purchasing gifts for those families in order to give them a brighter holiday. We have a great phenomenal group of Wolverines who care greatly about spreading holiday cheer!
  6. Hideous Sweaters: Senior Logan Cornelison shares, “I wear Christmas sweaters to put holiday cheer in the hearts of all of the people I see!” Christmas sweaters, whether cute, furry, exotic, ugly, or unforgettable, never fail to make those surrounding smile. The infamous ugly Christmas sweater party continues to show up on calendars and schedules. The entertainment is undeniable, itchy, and sometimes musical. Whether there are bells dangling off the sweater or a light up Santa protruding from the clothing, Christmas sweaters never fail to keep people warm, happy, and spirited.
  7. White Christmas Suggestions: Brennan Heyer, junior, says, “Nothing makes my holiday season better than playing in the snow, especially up north.” Georgians are lucky when they see a few inches of snow, so when the state is covered in white fluff, there are no better activities than to sled, to make snow angels, and to get some friends together for a snowball fight. Soaking wet boots, cold temperatures, and frostbitten toes are nothing to stop kids (and adults) from playing in the snow!
  8. Snuggling up for a Holiday Film: Senior Jacob Schoeb says, “Christmas movies are my favorite part of the holiday season. I always watch them when they come on TV.” Christmas classics are always playing on local television shows, putting people all over the world in good moods. ABC Family is constantly playing these movies with a monthly program called “25 Days of Christmas.” Other channels such as Disney, Hallmark, and Lifetime also air these films. Everyone has his or her favorite holiday movie, and cuddling up with family, friends, or significant others cannot get better than a cup of cocoa, a fire, and a good cheerful movie.
  9. An Abundance of Lights: Catherine Moreau, junior, shares, “The thing that really gets me in the mood for Christmas is definitely decorating the Christmas tree with my family.” Families have their own traditions for this common festivity, including chopping down a Christmas tree, decorating it with the family, listening to Christmas music, and stepping back to admire the work. Beautiful lights, holiday wreaths, and snowman figurines cannot be overlooked in the spirit of the holiday. They all play a tremendous role in the mood of Christmas, as does driving around neighborhoods and admiring everybody’s hard work and dedication to decking out their houses in Santa gear.
  10. Childhood Traditions: Junior Kendle Flint finishes off holiday cheer by saying, “I always get excited for Christmas when I set out milk and cookies for Santa. No matter how old I get, this will always stay a tradition.” No matter who is believed to get rid of the cookies by the morning time, it does not seem to get any less magical when the cookies disappear. Many people also spread red sprinkles, hot tamale candy, and other little red candies like these as reindeer food in their front yard. A tradition a little less common still holds just as many smiles.

There are an abundance of ways to spend time in December leading up to Christmas. Many have holiday traditions and rituals of their own that accomplish the seasonal cheer that most love. Enjoy the activities that come along only with Christmas, for they only come around once a year!

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