2014 Movies to See and Movies to Flee

Savanna F.

Staff Writer

Going to the movies is a fun activity for friends and families to enjoy. This year, many awe-inspiring movies have come out in theatres, but with fantastic movies, there are also awful ones. Taking a look at the top five and the worst five movies of 2014, some movies are “must sees” while others are “stay aways.”

The Grand Budapest Hotel, gaining $164 million worldwide, hit the best list, starring Ralf Fiennes and Bill Murray. Junior Robbie Birke claims, “It was interesting, slightly confusing, but if you got into it, it was, like I said, interesting. The setting is portrayed very well, everything was accurate to the time period; it even gave background of the setting, giving information about the wars going on at the time. It was a serious movie, but you could catch some comedy and romance.” Taking plaMovies SF 2ce between the wars at a European hotel, this movie follows the adventures of Gustave H., a legendary concierge at a famous hotel. The story involves a stolen but recovered renaissance painting and a large feud for an enormous family fortune. As a friendship builds between the owner and a lobby boy, Gustave is accused of murder. The Grand Budapest Hotel gives a twist to a traditional plot.

One of the best films is a kid/family animation. The Lego Movie, starring Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, and Morgan Freeman, appeals to audiences of all ages.  A 3D animated film follows the main character, Emmet, an ordinary Lego mini figure, and his friends as they go on an epic journey to stop the evil villain, Lord Business. Emmet is the key to saving the Lego Universe because he is identified as the most “extraordinary person.” Sophomore Nick Burseth said, “The director made the movie awesome, creative and colorful. The movie actually had to do with Legos, and the animation was unique. Will Ferrell appears as the father of a boy, which made it more interesting, and the plot twists made it really good.” The Lego Movie provides excitement for the whole family to enjoy, including comedy and heart-felt scenes.

Another movie that hit the top five is Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, starring Andy Serkis and Toby Kebbell. In this sequel to Rise of the Planet of the Apes, it has been a decade since the outbreak of a virus, and Caesar remains happy as the leader of the apes. All the apes believe that there are no more humans on the face of the Earth, but all of that changes when a group of human survivors stumble across Caesar and his group. Caesar tries to make peace if the humans follow the rules. Kolba, an ape that is believed to be loyal to Caesar, conjures up a plan to kill the humans. This leads to an outbreak of war between the apes and humans, whom are hiding in a city not too far away from the apes. Sophomore Mykhaila Chepelsky states, “The animation and effects were great, and there was a good amount of action.” Having many action-packed scenes, this film gives the audience an “edge of your seat” feel.

Super hero movies have always appealed to younger and older audiences. In Captain America: Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers awakens after being frozen in ice for fifty years. Rogers is joined by Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, and Sebastian Stan in this incredible film. On top of trying to get a grip of living in modern America, a new threat against S.H.I.E.L.D. rises to the surface. Now racing against time, Captain America must return to an army base he once took basic training at 100 years ago. He launches an investigation into S.H.I.E.L.D.’s origins, trying to get to the bottom of this deadly mystery. Freshman Dylan Loiodice mentions, “It was something different but a good movie. It had a new take on Captain America. The director did a great job, and I would see it again in theatres.” This production succeeds in making the top five list by being better than the last Captain America movie.

Narrowing down to the final best movie, Interstellar, starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, is an interesting movie audiences will enjoy. In the future, the human race suffers from drought and famine. When humanity is on the brink of extinction, a rip in space continuum is uncovered, giving mankind a second chance. A group must go on a journey to find a planet that can sustain life. They go on an instellar voyage into the unknown. Sophomore Richard Mullinax says, “It was very well done and realistic looking, but the story and acting was the best. The characters were great, and they flowed with each other. It had a lot of surprises, but most importantly, it was new and never done before.” Interstellar gives a new view on human life and is an entertaining film for the whole family.

Concluding the best movies of 2014, there are films on the opposite end of the spectrum that people would not see twice in theaters, including the new Transformers, starring Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox. Everyone loved the Transformers movies, but almost all of the Transformers fans can agree that Transformers: Age of Extinction was the worst of them all. Five years after a battle in Chicago, humanity believes alien robots are a threat, so the robots are eliminated by a CIA unit. The autobots must escape site from a bounty hunter who takes control of humanity. Sophomore Kelsey Van Slooten alleges the movie was action-packed, but the writers and director portrayed the details incorrectly. The movie was based off Hasbro’s series, but even though it was not that bad, it was worse than the others.

Even though many of the historical movies today are factual and entertaining, Pompeii, starring Kit Herington and Emily Browning, tells a story of a slave becoming a gladiator and saving his true love. He tries to race against time to save his love once Mount Vesuvius erupts. To save his beloved, he must fight his way out of the arena as Pompeii crumbles. Sophomore Devin Richardson mentions, “They did not add much history; they only used the time period.” This movie is a typical love story, one in which the movie audiences should steer clear of.

Everyone knows the mythological story of Hercules. The Legend of Hercules, starring Kellan Lutz, tells a story of the well-known hero. In this Greek myth, Hercules, betraying his stepfather and causing him to be exiled, must fight his way back to the kingdom. Hercules tries to restore peace by embarking on an incredible journey to overthrow the king. Social studies teacher, Mr. Daniel Page, claims, “It was very bad, the special effects were not good, and there was too much gore and smashing stuff. The book was great, but the movie was awful.” This movie is considered one of the worst, due to its incorrect facts.

Most people have heard the legend of Frankenstein. In I, Frankenstein, starring Aaron Eckhart, Frankenstein’s monster is caught in a long battle between gargoyles and demons, who were trying to discover Frankenstein’s secret to immortality. Sophomore Jacob Brietenbach says, “I thought it was a bad movie to attempt to remake. Frankenstein is a classic, and in a way, cannot be remade. They messed up by putting too many effects, and there were many flaws in the film.” As one of the top three worst movies, I, Frankenstein tells the far-fetched image of the classic book produced by Mary Shelley.

Narrowing down to the worst movie of 2014, Transcendence, starring Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman, is about a scientist who is interested in artificial knowledge. Trying to create a machine to gain information, it takes a turn for the worst when it becomes dangerous. The scientist is feared by the people and is known as a threat. Fans who went to see this film for Johnny Depp were disappointed once they realized Depp was only in the film for merely the first and last ten minutes of the production.

The year 2014 has produced some very well thought out movies but also some genuinely appalling ones. Some of the movies, including The Lego Movie and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, are must see productions worth time and money. Others, like I, Frankenstein and Transcendence, are movies that people should think twice about seeing.

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