NBA: Where Amazing Might Happen

Staff Writer

Amari M.

Many headlines were made in the NBA last offseason. Numerous NBA stars were free agentsnba am 2, and some teams cashed in. Lebron James went to Cleveland, Carmelo Anthony stayed in New York, and possibly one of the most talented draft classes was installed. Also, an old franchise was brought back in the form of the Charlotte Hornets. In all reality, is there much to expect this season? Even though the NBA has plenty of exciting moments, this season is not expected to be much of a surprise.

Over the offseason, the Los Angeles Lakers were expected to boom. Plenty of people thought that with the extra cap space they had, they would have signed every star free agent out there. Of course, the Lakers were disappointing. For one, Julius Randle, their first round draft pick, is out for the season with a torn ACL. Also, instead of signing Lebron, Carmelo, and Chris Bosh, who was coming off a great season in Miami, the Lakers signed one-hit wonder Jeremy Lin after he left the Rockets. Chaz Murdock, a WHS freshman, said “The Lakers have too much money to get a player like Jeremy Lin. They had enough money to sign Melo and Dwayne Wade if they wanted to. It’s pathetic.”  Kobe Bryant, arguably one of the best players of all time, cannot seem to get a win, no matter how much he scores. Just face it, if Bryant is averaging 27 points, 3 assists, and 6 rebounds, the Lakers should be winning. Somehow, someway, they cannot seem to catch a break. Julius Randle is out for the season, Steve Nash is out for the season, and Jeremy Lin is not producing.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, on the other hand, had an excellent offseason. Although they traded number one draft pick Andrew Wiggins for all-star power forward Kevin Love, who had come off a productive season at Minnesota, they have great depth at the guard position. Not making any outrageous claims, but the last time a team traded away the number one pick, it was the Charlotte Hornets’ Kobe Bryant in 1996, and he went on to become a living legend, with five championships on his record. Meanwhile, some players are jumping on the Lebron James bandwagon. As soon as Lebron left for Cleveland, Shawn Marion, Mike Miller, and James Jones went too, and they are going to be productive. Since Miller and Jones have previously played with Lebron (2012 Miami Heat), they have great chemistry. Since the Cavs have James, Love, and Marion, they have a presence down low, and they can space the floor with shooters like Kyrie and Miller. Michael Bosah, a WHS sophomore said, “The Cavs will find a way to win. If you have Lebron on your team, there is no way you can be a losing team.”

Another very well developed team is the Golden State Warriors. They have the most talented backcourt in basketball, with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, aka The Splash Brothers, and a young front court with guys like Harrison Barnes and Andre Igoudala. They also have David Lee and Andries Biedrins, two veteran centers that can perform consistently. They are a real threat in the Western Conference and very well may be the best offensive team in the league right now, other than the Spurs. They are a favorite in the west for the finals.

Several other trades occurred over the offseason, changing the league dramatically. One of the biggest trades was the Chicago Bulls’ Carlos Boozer being traded to the Lakers for Pau Gasol. The Bulls also signed Derrick Rose to an extension, which of course wound up with him getting injured.

Several other teams are currently plagued by injuries. The Thunder lost reigning MVP Kevin Durant and star point guard Russell Westbrook to injuries. The Lakers lost Julius Randle and Steve Nash for the season and just recently got Nick Young back from injury. The Lakers and 76ers, who both lost their 1st round pick, are expected to be horrible this year, as usual, while healthy teams like the Spurs, Warriors and Rockets will thrive. The only true changes in the NBA are the Cavaliers’ roster and the Bulls’ roster.

Then there is the Spurs. Ever since they manhandled the Heat in the finals last year, multiple teams are trying the “built, not bought” approach. However, in the end, no one plays better team offense than the Spurs, who found breakout talent last year in Kawhi Leonard. Plus, the only teams that compete with them are the Warriors, Rockets, and Mavs.

Therefore, it will not be hard to predict how the NBA season goes this year because everything happens as expected. Travis Phillpott, a WHS freshman, said, “The Cavs and the Spurs are going all the way.” Coach Rick Glasper, WHS physical education teacher, said “The Grizzlies and the Cavs are probably going to make it, unless something crazy happens.” The best prediction for the finals is probably the Cavaliers and the Warriors, as they are the only real game-changers in the NBA. If the NBA is where incredible things happen, then some miracles are going to have to happen.


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