Some seasons are worth freezing for: AKA Winter

Kendra H.

Staff Writer

Some consider winter to be a bleak, freezing and boring month, but there are plenty of activities in which to partake, and the cold weather does not have to put a damper on plans. The weather provides different and exciting activities for people to experiment with; many of these activities develop from the spirit of the holiday season, a time that allows people to carry out traditions and perform various activities with friends and family while creating memories.

Winter entails harsh weather that creates chapped skin and lips, goose bumps, and static-filled hair, but winter still has the potential to be enjoyable. People should be taking advantage of the cold weather. The winter season has a tendency to produce snow, even here in Georgia. A person could build snowmen, make snow cones, go sledding, conduct snowball fights, or make snow angels all because of snow. Davis Wright, senior, explains that he enjoys going sledding “if we are lucky enough to get snow.”  Snow allows children to see the world in a different way where everything seems to be glowing bright white with life.

Some do not mind braving the cold if it means seeing beautiful Christmas lights. Mrs. Louise Graner, English teacher, shares, “Gazing upon Christmas lights is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. Individuals dedicate ample amounts of time to create a gorgeous spectacle, and I am thankful for it.” Christmas lights have a magical way about them as they twinkle and illuminate dark nights, and many enjoy seeing Christmas light shows such as the ones at Callaway Gardens or Lake Lanier. Some will simply sit in the car and drive through a light show or a neighborhood, soaking in the sparkling beauty and hard work. Children can relish in the moment by pointing out cheerful elves or snowKH winter cropped 2men from the car window.

People can also have bonfires out in the cold weather; bonfires create an intimate atmosphere for individuals to talk to each other while roasting some marshmallows. Many decide to tell ghost stories around a bonfire on a cold, dark winter night. Tales of “A Christmas Carol” or “Casper” tend to be popular stories to whisper around a crackling bonfire. The weather during winter can be rather harsh and unappealing, but the public can take advantage of it and perform various activities based on the weather forecast or the holiday season.

Winter is still a cold season without snow; people are inclined to stay indoors, but they can continue to enjoy themselves inside. Leigha Woodard, senior, states, “I love to watch Charlie Brown with my family while drinking a warm cup of hot chocolate every year during the holiday season.” Her statement reveals an activity for someone to experience during the holiday season: watching movies. People can burrow up in warm, cozy blanket by the crackling fire and relax while enjoying a comedy, a holiday special, or an action-packed film. Some popular holiday specials include How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and Elf. Daryl Harris, WHS counselor, explained that Elf is his favorite movie and he watches it with his family on Christmas Eve every year; he said, “It is a tradition that has lived on for many years.”

Many may prefer to be moving around rather than lying around lazily, so numerous people decide to bake holiday treats. The gingerbread house is a popular holiday treat to concoct because each house is different, and each person can provide his or her own personal touch. The holiday season can inspire one to create Christmas-themed cupcakes, cookies, or rice crispy treats. Whatever the creation, people cook delicious food for many to taste. Ms. Johanna Marcusky, English teacher, explains that she enjoys the holiday season because the delectable feasts “bring the family together.” The holiday season still provides a person with activities indoors away from the chilly, biting air.

The holiday season also means that it is time to buy gifts. Many truly enjoy shopping for Christmas gifts; Black Friday is the prime time to buy presents because the sales are impossible to beat. Mia Vahle, senior, explains that she is eager to shop because she enjoys admiring the decorations, scents, and smells in many of the stores. Bath and Body Works brings out the peppermint and winter canny apple scents to welcome the holiday season while Starbucks comes out with holiday drinks such as gingerbread lattes and peppermint mochas. One can also expect to hear Christmas songs being played throughout stores and around downtown like “Jingle Bells” and “All I Want for Christmas.” The jolly tunes are being played to compliment the sparkling lights and minty, sweet scents wafting in the air. Downtown Woodstock partakes in holiday events like parades, or winter events in City Park where they make snow or hold concerts, and anyone can enjoy the beautiful holiday decorations while strolling through downtown. Winter also allows someone to bring out an entire new or different wardrobe which can also motivate him or her to go shopping. Comfy sweaters, sweats, leggings, and stockings make up the dress code for winter, allowing people to stay warm and snug while looking cute. Whether shopping for the holidays or for warm clothes, winter is a popular season for venturing out to stores and downtown areas.

Winter can be a truly enjoyable and beautiful season. The weather conditions can provide perfect activities outdoors, or people can decide to enjoy themselves inside. Winter does not have to be bleak and bitter because people can revel in the holiday spirit or perform activities that they cannot perform during the other seasons.



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