Trends that keep you hot, while the weather gets cool

Staff Writer

Madison B.

As the weather becomes colder and the seasons start to change, so do the fashion trends. Now that the leaves have fallen and the temperature has dropped, it is time for the ladies to start adding on the extra layers of scarves, flannels, and vests. The styles for this winter are a mixture of classy wear and boho chic, topped off with some western flare. Although the clothing styles have not changed drastically from last year, designers are incorporating new patterns, combined with this season’s popular colors and statement jewelry to create a whole new look.

From head to toe, ladies have an accessory for everything this winter. A few common items that must be added to an already existing wardrobe are wool hats, scarves of all sorts, and chunky necklaces to make a statement. New popular looks are made with the sweater headbands and knitted hats; these knitted head accessories are an essential to add to any wardrobe. Junior Grace Timm said, “They are so warm and cute. I can put my hat on, and it can add a quirky twist to any outfit.” Not only are the hats adorable, but they are easy to wear. Having a bad hair day? Throw it on. Cold outside? Throw it on. There are so many different uses for the headbands and hats. Scarves, which are a perfect touch to add to any simple shirWinter Fashion MBt or sweater and also to tuck into a coat, are another must-have. Sierra Griffin, junior, mentions, “I love scarves. If I did not have as many as I do, there is no way I would be able to make an outfit every day.” Whether the scarf is hung around the neck, is worn as an infinity, or is tied up in a new, funky way, it adds a sleek and chic look to any outfit.

To wear these accessories, there must be something to style them with, so another trend of the winter season is wearing flannel shirts, flannel coats, and sweaters. Popular in the 90’s, flannels were often worn around the waist or unbuttoned with a graphic tee underneath. Now in 2014, the style is back in action. People still wear flannels the same as back then, but nowadays people also style them underneath a vest with a flashy statement necklace. Junior Megan Moore claims, “I search all over the place just so I can find more flannels to wear. They are easy to dress up or dress down.” The flannel trend can be worn with tight skinny jeans or leggings for a comfy, cute look. Another top that is popular and can be paired with leggings is the oversized sweater. Whether it is date night, time for school or just chilling at home, sweaters can be styled with a scarf or a necklace for a cute and comfortable look. Oversized sweaters are sure to keep ladies looking good while it is cold out.

If scarves and sweaters are not enough to keep warm, jackets and other outerwear are helpful in fighting the cold, brisk air. Pea coats, bomber jackets, vests, and ponchos can be found in stores all over and are selling out quickly. The most popular fashion staples for this season, however, are the fur vests and puffy vests. Faux fur has always been around and has continued to be talked about, but this season, it has taken a giant leap into almost every clothing store. Wearing the fur makes people feel regal and as if they are living a life of luxury. On the other hand, the puffy vest trend is meant for more of a laid back and comfortable look. When wearing a sweater or a plain long-sleeved shirt, the puffy vest is an easy component to add, and it is sure to compliment the outfit. Chandler Sutton, junior, admits, “I have so many different color puffy vests: black, red, cream. I just think they are cute and a fun way to add a layer to my outfit.” This season’s outerwear styles are sure to keep teens warm, while adding another pop to any outfit.

To complete the head to toe look this season, everyone has to have a couple pairs of bold boots. All ladies have a different style, so whether it is the look of riding boots, short booties, or combat boots, the winter footwear trends are sure to finish off any look. Adding onto the already adorable boot styles, another trend includes boot socks and boot cuffs. Boot socks come in multiple colors and are usually topped off with lace that sticks out of the top of boots. Junior Catherine Moreau said, “Boot socks are a simple way to add a little flare to your riding boots.”  These little accessories are a must-have this season! Shoes can make or break an outfit, so be sure to stock up on some of the latest boot styles to complete any look.

Although leaving fall and all its beauty behind can be sad, with these new warm, fashionable styles, it is sure to be a good winter.  From comfy to classic, there is something that will meet every fashion lover’s taste this season. Stock up on all the latest trends, and stay cute and cozy until spring rolls back around.


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