What is your American Horror Story?

Allie Z.

Staff Writer

Being one of the few horror shows left, American Horror Story is definitely one of the most interesting shows on television. Each season has its own storyline and introduces new characters from the same cast. Those searching for a show to watch should check out American Horror Story.

When the television network FX aired the first pilot of American Horror Story in 2011, there was a mass of buzz surrounding the show because of the storyline and the complexity of the murders that were taking place. The first season, “Murder House,” was a massive success; the show revolved around the Harmon family, made up of parents, Vivien and Ben, and their teenage daughter, Violet. The Harmons moved from Boston to Los Angeles into a restored mansion because Ben’s job had been relocated. The Langdons are the Harmons’ new neighbors and also the past residents of the house; the mother, Constance, and her two children, Tate and Addie, help the Harmons figure out all of the mysteries of the house. The Langdons often influence the Harmons’ lives, as the family finds that the home is haunted by the spirits of anyone who has ever died on the property. For example, Constance’s husband, who was killed on the property, still haunts the Murder House. Freshmen Amber Anderson and Natalie Rasa both agree that so far “Murder House” is one of the best seasons created by FX. Anderson says, “’Murder House’ has many different stories that all fit together due to living and dead residents in the house. The characters are also well thought out and have many emotional issues for the viewer to figure out. ‘Murder House’ is also full of mystery and keeps the viewer guessing with its continuous flashbacks to the past.” Many fans, like Anderson, loved the first season.az american horror story 1

In 2012 the second season aired. “Asylum” is set in 1964 and follows the patients and staff who occupy Briarcliff, a mental institution founded by the Catholic church to treat the criminally insane. The staff who run the institution (the wardens) included Sister Jude, the head nun, and her coworker, Sister Mary Eunice. The founder of the asylum was Monsignor Timothy Howard, and the doctors who were in charge with treating the patients at the institution include Dr. Thredson and scientist Dr. Arden. The patients, who some claimed to be unjustly institutionalized, include Lana Winters, who was a journalist; Kit Walker, who was an accused serial killer; and Grace Bertrand, an alleged murderer. Horrors at Briarcliff took place frequently like the doctors experimenting on patients without their consent. The patients had become accustomed to the torturing, but finally the horrors would come to an end. Kit Walker is one of the most thought out characters in season two; going from living a normal life to being forced into an asylum, Kit had overcome many obstacles. Anderson said, “Kit Walker is my favorite character because he went through many struggles and was convicted of something he had never done. He also tried to help others even though he was already trying to prove that he was innocent.”

The probability of asylums and covens joining together is very low so the next season of American Horror Story is all about witches and the rivalry between two types of magic. Released in 2013, “Coven” is about a group of girls in a witch coven in New Orleans. After the witch trials that took place in Salem, ancestors of the witches who survived the trials were almost extinct and once again in harm’s way. A boarding school for girls opened in New Orleans to provide a home for girls who were witches and to protect them from the threats of the outside world. Fiona, the Supreme of the coven, is the main leader of the witches and the most powerful witch of her generation; she arrived to guarantee the protection of the coven but to also complete her own personal task of staying young forever. The Supreme’s daughter, Cordelia, taught at the coven and welcomed their newest student, Zoe. Events in the coven reveal a long-held rivalry between the voodoo followers of New Orleans and the witches of Salem. In addition to exploring voodoo and witchcraft, this season explores the struggling relationship between mother and daughter.

The newest season, “Freak Show,” currently airs on Wednesday nights on FX. To watch previous seasons of American Horror Story, subscribe to Netflix for all three seasons. This new season shows all of the horrors of one of the last freak shows in Jupiter, Florida. American Horror Story shows the struggles of people who may be different in some ways but are still human beings who have feelings, giving viewers the message that it is okay to be different.


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