21 and counting: Lady Wolverines keeping a perfect season

Lauren C.

Staff Writer

The Lady Wolverines basketball team started the season strong and has yet to stop, with the girls fighting their way to a spotless record of 21-0 thus far. Returning all but one player from last year’s varsity squad, Coach Julie Crowe said she “expected overall improvement because the returning girls have more varsity playing experience.” The experience and leadership has paid off. Looking back to last year, with a record of 17-12, one would think that was successful. The standards have been raised far higher, however, with the girls winning far more than that already.

From the first game when the girls dominated Kennesaw Mountain 61-36, it was clear they were bound for success. When asked how she felt about the start of this season, Crowe commented, “We hope to win every game, but it is an exceptional start.” She credits the transfer of sophomore Devyn Lowe, in addition to the team chemistry, to what has certainly been an exceptional start for the Wolverines. The Wolverines are currently ranked 1st in their region, with a clean 13-0 record against region opponents. By the most recent rankings, the Wolverines are ranked 6th in the state. This record was excitedly boosted by their close win against the Wheeler Wildcats, winning narrowly by 2 points. The game received great media attention, as it was the first high school women’s basketball game to be televised by HighFive Sports, a part of Fox5 News in Atlanta. The players and coaches alike have had a transformed attitude about the sport, emphasizing the importance of teamwork.

It is safe to say the team believes an attitude of teamwork and encouragement is essential to their past and future accomplishments. Starting point guard, junior Chandler Sutton has nothing but positive statements to say about the team. “We’ve improved a lot this season from the last because we work more as a team and play so well together,” says Sutton. “Last year we started the season 0-5, and this year we were 5-0. We’ve become a lot closer as a team. There’s definitely been a huge change.” With this kind of improvement, the Wolverines are currently set to make an impact in the state tournament. They were region champions in the 2013-14 season and are obviously on track for even more this time around.

The team is also thriving under the leadership of its seniors: those who set the example in both work ethic and attitude. Senior Kasey Lawton has definitely noticed a change in the LC BBALL 2team. “My favorite part of Woodstock basketball,” she says, “is that we are so close now, and we have so much chemistry on and off the court. I can’t remember ever being on a team this close.” The team is certainly close, as seen through the support they provide each other both during games and practices, but off the court as well. Scrolling through social media such as Twitter and Instagram, it is obvious that the girls have a great sense of pride in what they are doing. “It is so cool to see what they are accomplishing,” says junior and former basketball manager Megan Moore. “They have obviously grown as a team and as friends.” The pride displayed by the players has transferred to the student body as well, with a huge increase in school pride in relation to women’s sports, which are often overshadowed by the men’s.

As for the rest of the season, the team seems to have their eyes set on the region and state competitions. With a region championship already under their belt, the Wolverines are looking to make it as far as they can in the state tournament. “For right now, the goal is to continue the streak,” says Coach Crowe. “We need to maintain focus and understand it’s not about how we start, but how we finish.” With the way they have been fighting through each and every game, the team seems to be well on their way to the region title, with hopes of Woodstock’s first basketball state title in late February as well. The region tournament begins February 9th, and with their current seeding, it should bode well for the Wolverines.

The Wolverines have four regular season games left, three of which are region games, but the season is assured to be longer than that. With region playoffs and likely state playoffs as well, the team has an exciting schedule ahead of them. The Lady Wolverines look to continue the streak by defeating Etowah this Friday, January 30th, at home. With a continued level of support from the students, staff, and local community, the Wolverines are on track to be better than ever.


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